Summer 2017 Anime | Midseason Musings

It’s that time of the season.

I actually wanted to record and upload this onto both SoundCloud and YouTube, but I lost confidence while trying to do so. Plus the Twitter poll I posted showed that the majority wants to hear my lower voice. Too bad I only recorded me sounding bubbly. Maybe some other time.

With that sorted out, we can continue onto the actual content. The entries feature the shows that I’m currently following and have reviewed at least once this season and are roughly sorted in order of personal enjoyment. That means I’m not talking about Made in Abyss, sorry. But everyone is praising the show already so I don’t have to be an echo chamber, right?

While this statement may seem redundant to include, I feel obligated to stress that this post is strictly my own opinion. I promise I’m not being a hater (unless you’re stepping up to bat for Battle Girl High School. I wish you the best of luck in that endeavor).

Princess Principal (Episode 6)

2 (7).jpg

I was excited for this series before it even aired. Must be because I’m a sucker for steampunk. Be that as it may, Princess Principal pays attention to minute details which leads to excellent and immersive world building.

Yes, the instruments and gadgets they use are all very cool, but we also get to see how said tools function. This in turn allows the audience to appreciate said instruments beyond flashy appearances and stresses that this is an alternate world where the steam engine wasn’t rendered obsolete by the internal combustion engine. It’s a setting of fantasy and science fiction where amazing things can happen simply because they can.

Unfortunately, the series isn’t taking full advantage of this creative freedom given that they’re relying a lot on clichés for entire episodes. Nevertheless, I believe that strong execution can save uninspired work. With interesting and layered characters as well as the aforementioned and engaging world building, I think Princess Principal can make up for its defects.

…With that being said (wow, this is the last bit, I promise), the series does across as being a bit pretentious. No explanations are given for cavorite, which first appeared in an early 20th century piece of literature; the series just assumes the audience will do the research and look up some early science-fiction (or use the power of Google). This means less wasted screentime, however, so I can’t complain. But I will complain about how the episodes are not airing in a chronological order. I’m all for it if there’s a reason behind this artistic decision, but right now it’s like it was just thrown in there so following the storyline is merely rendered more complicated for no reason.

Okay, I’ll stop here.

New Game!! (Episode 5)

3 (18).jpg

A second season that is following after the heels of the popular first season that aired a year ago, New Game!! has opted to increase the variety of character interaction and to focus on character development. A typical move for a Manga Time Kirara adaptation, as noted by infinitezenith. The series has also opted to retain a noticeable amount of fanservice and “moe pandering.” Furthermore, Hifumi has received an increased amount of screentime to the approval of her diehard fans.

It may not accurately depict an office setting down to the finest detail (eschewing pants just wouldn’t fly in many office environments, for instance) and it may be considered just another “cute girls doing cute things” show, but New Game!! also features a relatable cast who struggle through problems and situations that can be familiar to the audience. For a generation that struggles to find or hold down means of employment, a series that starts off by showing a girl trying her best at her first job very much strikes a note with many viewers. That was the case for me, at least, since I found my first job shortly after the first season started airing last year.

Sakura Quest (Episode 19)

19 (48).jpg

Another continuation (from Spring 2017). The series has really improved in this cour which is largely due to its departure from the surgically neat but predictably uniform 2-episode arcs. Strong character development has allowed the Fab Five to realize to reconsider their previous mindsets regarding reviving Manoyama as well as confront their own individual problems. Viewers can truly relate to the struggles with employment, failed dreams, normalcy, etc. I definitely had Sakura Quest (among other series) in mind when I wrote this post.

That being said, some may argue that the series has seem to have incorporated irreverent side jobs that detract from the main premises of Sakura Quest, but others will claim that life itself similarly meanders and that people have to make detours all the time. I personally am a bit wary of its current development – the girls have placed all their faith in the revived Mizuchi Festival which seems naively optimistic to me. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Ballroom e Youkoso (Episode 6)


The animation has largely been disappointing with the excessive amount of still frames. Some may find the giraffe necks to be off-putting, as well. And so far, the show has been rough on those who dislike seeing female characters being misrepresented. Be that as it may, it appears to be improving in that regard at least. All in all, this is simply another shounen underdog story that knows how to balance humor and drama very well. I sort of dislike how Tatara just happens to be innately talented, but this is shounen, after all. Protagonists who win the genetic lottery is par for the course.

Tsurezure Children (Episode 6)

5 (5).jpg

Each episode is only 13 minutes long and every episode features at least 3 different couples. If I were to compare this series to diner food (and I love diners even though I don’t really live in a place where diners are popular), then Tsurezure Children is basically a sampler platter. You get a little bit of several things and it all feels good while you eat (in other words, it’s funny). Coupled with natural-sounding dialogue and humorous faces, the show will scratch the itch for rom-com series somewhat decently. Just don’t expect that anything deep will be said or that male characters will be politically correct if you want to enjoy the ride.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (Episode 5)

1 (3).jpg

Look, the artstyle isn’t exactly to my taste at times and the series as a whole is just another typical “cute girls doing cute things” show. But Action Heroine Cheer Fruits features important life messages, strong characterization, and great gags. This show deserves a little more love, as Zeria aptly puts in this post.

Kakegurui (Episode 6)

5 (48).jpg

Insane high-stakes gambles, nauseatingly ugly faces, and a bitchin’ soundtrack sums up this series. It’s thrilling to watch, but it’s ultimately style over substance considering how we don’t get to actually now what’s going on inside people’s heads. sometimes the rules of the matches are not properly explained, either. As such, viewers may struggle to remain engaged with Kakegurui.

Fate/Apocrypha (“Dropped” at Episode 4)

4 (26).jpg

One of the three series I stopped doing episode reviews for due to various reasons. But I’m still watching the series (yarrr shiver me timbers). I feel like there’s simply too many characters and too little characterization (since there are too many Masters and Servants to balance). I often find myself overwhelmed by how much happens within a single episode, too. The animation as a whole is blurry and unimpressive, unfortunately. However, the series sure does feature some very memorably emotional moments as well as an awesome OP and ED.

Netsuzou Trap (Episode 6)

5 (23).jpg

Yuri anime fans have gotten screwed over so many times that they’re willing to accept this series, which I find to be shallow and fetishistic. The characters are frustrating to watch and the audience is left finding it hard to care about them at all (except maybe Takeda) since they’re terrible people. There are implications of domestic violence, championing of heternormative beliefs, and plain ol’ cheating, after all. All of this is just for the sake of including some juicy drama.

Granted, the series is trying its best with what they can work with since each episode is less than 10 minutes long and the recent episodes have been including decent characterization for Hotaru as well as dawning realization regarding Yuma’s old feelings. Unfortunately, she is too stubborn or too busy being in denial to actually put two and two together.

Fans of messy and ugly “romance” stories are probably enjoying this one. I merely feel obligated to watch this hot mess.

Since I’m going to be called a hater for this, I’ll just play the role and mention that the animation and art is mediocre, too. Now come at me!

Centaur no Nayami (“Dropped” at Episode 5)

3 (2).jpg

I feel like I’m being lectured about the necessity of equality and the evils of discrimination every single time I watch an episode. At first I took offense to this, but I’ve come to realize that this is a type of world building. The author has clearly put a lot of thought into this setting where centaurs and angels and imps and satyrs and mermaids roam around. The policies and punishments are over-the-top for even the staunchest of human rights activists, but it sort of makes sense in this setting.

Even with that, however, the series broaches peculiar topics. Girls end up showing each other their genitals among other things. And the world building is very much controversial. Maybe this is somehow satire and I’m missing the big picture. At any rate, I’m still watching this every week.

Knight’s & Magic (“Dropped” at Episode 3)

3 (7).jpg

I just turn off my brain while watching this show and I have a blast. Knowing how to code makes you the smartest person in the world, everybody.

Battle Girl High School (“Dropped” at Episode 1)

1 (18).jpg

I honestly meant to watch more, but I subconsciously dropped the series, it seems. Couldn’t even get through episode 2 even after resolving myself several times (and several weeks late). A shining example that shows how a stellar voice acting talent doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a series will be any good. Battle Girl High School is simply uninspired and dull. I’m still wondering if I should try to catch up so I can do a series review on this in a couple of weeks.

18 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Anime | Midseason Musings

    1. Thank you!
      Ahhh you should try to watch it if you can. Steam punk is soooo cool. I’m glad we’re comrade-in-arms in regards to our appreciation of steam punk!
      Yeah, there’s unfortunately too few anime like that ;__;

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  1. “I merely feel obligated to watch this hot mess”

    Hot messes can be entertaining but honestly, nothing I’ve read of Netsuzou Trap makes me feel as if it’s got anything worthwhile inside the mess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No explanations are given for cavorite, which first appeared in an early 20th century piece of literature; the series just assumes the audience will do the research and look up some early science-fiction (or use the power of Google).

    Wait, what!? There actually was a story behind that magic stone?! Whelp, I suppose I failed the series’ expectations as I didn’t even make a google search… so, yeah. Thanks for this.

    Also, wholly agree on New Game!! It even cleans souls now it seems (perhaps spoiler of latest episode?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Idk if the events of the novel take place in PriPri’s setting. Let’s just say PriPri takes some inspiration from said novel. No problem. I Google too many things.

      Mmm it’s been going very well so far. The first season was good but this is even better.

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      1. For a moment I thought you mistook comment as I saw “PriPri” as “PriPara”… I see I’m getting blind too. Whelp, I hope the novel is real good then.

        Indeed, I agree. although I’m reading the 4-koma manga too, I still find the Anime (which is quickly catching up to the latest translated ones) really enjoyable.

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  3. “Since I’m going to be called a hater for this, I’ll just play the role and mention that the animation and art is mediocre, too. Now come at me!”

    I dropped this show 5 minutes in. I have zero problems with lesbian relationships, characters with messed up worldviews, or discomforting subjects like cheating and manipulation. Scum’s Wish had all of that and was a great show.

    I’m usually not so judgemental, but Netsuzou Trap showed in its first few minutes that it has no class. And it doesn’t look good. It’s 2017 damn it.

    Actually, you know what? Post incoming on that exact topic.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right? I felt like Kuzu no Honkai was accomplishing something with the introduction and inclusion of such elements. For NTRap, it’s judt for shock value (and seems uncouth as you said). Even though Kuzu no Honkai gets a bit excessive with the rambling monologues, we do get a glimpse into characters’ mindsets and perspective. That is distinctly missing in NTRap – the most Yuma does is wonder and worry about Hotaru while trying to make things up with Takeda. Shallow, shallow, shallow.

      I look forward to your post!

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  4. I was reading this in the train and when I started laughing people looked at me funny ( but then again maybe it’s me they are laughing at) I really had to laugh about your comment for Netsuzou Trap. I just saw it appear in Crunchyroll here as well now, so I might just check it out to see how horrible it is lol 😂😂

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  5. “No explanations are given for cavorite, which first appeared in an early 20th century piece of literature”

    I’d argue that no explanation is needed – it just is, and the details aren’t important to the story. Too many stories have foundered trying to explain details and getting all caught up in stuff that doesn’t propel the narrative forward. The story isn’t about the macguffin, it’s about spies and moe girls. Those knowledgeable of SF or steampunk literature already know. (Or maybe my impression is mistaken because all the steampunk folks I know are all my age and familiar with SF literature.) The curious can look it up. But you won’t go wrong or miss anything if you simply accept what’s shown onscreen – “green glowy stuff that lets airbattleships and moe girls fly”.

    If there’s an explanation missing (IMO), it’s explaining the link implied between cavorite and the civil war. But they may be dodging explaining the civil war because Ange and the Princesses background is all connected there.

    Just curious, why aren’t you watching Abyss?

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    1. Yeah, I think it’s nice that the show doesn’t get tangled up explaining minor details. Some of us younger folk are scratching our heads, but just knowing what cavorite seems to do is enough. Probably enough. What Ange did with the cavorite in episode 4 was not explained and I sort of wish it was but it’s definitely not important.

      Mmm fair enough about the missing explanation.

      I provided an explanation early into the post: “The entries feature the shows that I’m currently following and have reviewed at least once this season and are roughly sorted in order of personal enjoyment.” Since I haven’t even reviewed Made in Abyss once so far, I did not talk about it here. I am watching it, though.

      The explanations for the explanation is that I don’t want to jump in late (I started watching the show maybe 2 weeks ago), that I struggle to really talk about it other than saying it’s been very fun thus far, and that I don’t want to sound like an echo chamber.

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