Tsurezure Children Episode 7 Review

(Spoilers in this review)

Our favorite brocon imouto returns. She hijacks his phone while he takes a shower and is completely played with by her brother’s female friend (who is a total troll).

tc 7 (1)
She’s clingy!
tc 7 (2)
I really loved how the LINE avatars came into play several times in this section.
tc 7 (6)
“Onii-chan made a baby…”

The second part has the return of lovestruck girl and her boyfriend. She makes a reasonable request (“please say you love me since you haven’t said it once yet”) and it takes a while for it to stick. But I really do appreciate how straightforward she is. No ugly yet beautiful crying this week, but it turns out he really does love her after all.

tc 7 (9)
“Please say you love me”
tc 7 (12)
tc 7 (13)

Here comes the cellphone “couple” again. Things are awkward now after he condemned confessing via text message right when she confessed to him via text message. Thankfully he runs into the Love Master and gets some (questionable advice). I doubt hugging her without warning will patch things up.

tc 7 (14)
tc 7 (18)
Somehow the Love Master is even more erotic in this episode.
tc 7 (22)
Don’t fall for the Love Master, dude!

The last part features the nice guy jock and the emotionally stunted stoic girl. She believes she has a fever since her face is flushed, her heart is always aflutter, and she can’t concentrate (because she’s staring at nice guy jock). But after a brief conversation with him in the nurse’s office, she takes her temperature and finds she’s not feverish at all. Guess she’s actually lovesick!

Having a character acting out-of-sorts only for it to be revealed that said character is experiencing a fever is a bit of a cliché, but I liked how this section turned said cliché around its head by having the fever not actually be a thing. Another cute love story that’s yet to be concluded!

tc 7 (23)
She just can’t help but stare. And neither can he.
tc 7 (24)
Whoa, how erotic.
tc 7 (27)
“Wait!” “What?” “Where’s the thermostat, dude?”

The series continues to be entertaining as the situations the characters face are hilarious, awkward, and touching.

2 thoughts on “Tsurezure Children Episode 7 Review

    1. Entertaining yet frustrating if you’re rooting for a specific ship that hasn’t started sailing yet. And I think one couple has been writen out of existence.

      Oh she’s a goldmine. I should have included more.

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