School Idols in Kakegurui (Episode 8 Review)

(Spoilers in this review) Summary:

  • The Student Council President, Kirari, temporary leaves the academy to settle some business that’s related to Yumeko’s recent victories over some of the Student Council Members.
  • Yumeko receives a letter of sorts in her locker.
  • Yumemite Yumemi, who is a part-time school idol and the Student Council’s representative for PR, teams up with Manyūda Kaede, who is the only male in the Student Council, to challenge Yumeko.
  • Itsuki, a girl who was formerly on the Student Council until she was soundly defeated by Yumeko, approaches Yumeko and reveals that she will get disowned if she doesn’t make connections with the elites.
  • She also informs Yumeko (and Suzui and Mary) that there’s a rumor saying that Yumeko is aiming to be the next Student Council President and that she would like to fight alongside Yumeko to secure a position. In other words, Itsuki is a suck-up!
  • After going through a body search, Yumeko and Suzui meet with Yumemi who invites Yumeko to join her in an idol contest after her next concert. If Yumeko loses, she’ll owe the Student Council another 50 million and Yumemi will rewrite her Life Contract such that Yumeko will become an idol with Yumemi (their idol unit name will be the Dreaming Creaming Sisters).
  • Yumeko tricks Yumemi into revealing her disdain for her fans. If Yumeko wins, then she’ll release the recording so her fans will know how she’s just using them in hopes of becoming a Hollywood Star.
  • It’s revealed that Yomozuki Runa, the Student Council Member who’s always playing video games and always wearing a hoodie with rabbit ears, planted the torn-up fan letter and the recording device in the letter that was left in Yumeko’s locker.
  • The episode ends with Yumeko getting ready to fight against Yumemi on the big stage.


  • I never realized that the girl that was performing next to Yumemi in the OP was Yumeko. I need to pay more attention.


  • I’m a bit skeptical over how Yumemi’s manager didn’t notice that Yumeko planted the recording device in her skirt when she got close to the manager, but sure.
  • The reveal that Runa is a wildcard who has no problem stirring up trouble is interesting. I do believe she’s simply (one of) the most mysterious characters within the Student Council thus far.
  • I don’t really have much else to say. This episode was just to set-up the dangerous gamblin’ idol contest that will surely next week.
  • That being said, it feels like the ugly faces are losing whatever little charm they had since they’re being overused. If Kakegurui is attempting to shock its viewers so viewers are entertained to the point of not wanting to nitpick, then this is a bad direction for the series.
  • DREAMING CREAMING SISTERS is a horrible name for a group, by the way. WOW



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