Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 7 Review – “Good Luck!! Mikapyon”

(Spoilers in this review) Summary: Mikan has entered a bit of a slump since she’s struggling to write a new script for an upcoming performance and she’s worried that her character (Cheer Yellow) is not needed within the Hero Team because she is unpopular and plain. To change things up, Mikan proposes that they all visit a beach (and it just so happens Ha-chan has a summer resort home). On the train ride to said resort, however, the train is delayed due to a storm and the adjacent cart full of kids devolve into panic. However, Mikan takes charge and helps cheer up the kids. While at the resort, the rest of members tell Mikan about her strong points, which embarasses Mikan while giving her the inspiration to whip up a script that makes great use of everyone’s personalities. The episode ends with Mikan being the energetic MC for their next performance.

Comments: While the girls may have assembled together a bit too conveniently, I do like how things aren’t going perfectly just because they’re working together. Seeing them ignore their insecurities in order to excel is always very uplifting to see.

This series just continues to prove some viewers to be correct (said viewers theorized that this show isn’t simply about the girls playing hero on-stage but about the girls become true heroes from doing valiant deeds, no matter how big or small).

That being said, this episode continues the series’ unfortunate penchant for montages which will show up in each episode without fail. It has inspired me to write a post about montages and other things, however, so expect to read that next week.

I wonder how Mikan’s little sister would feel if she saw her onee-chan spouting tongue-twisters like that.

All in all, the series isn’t going to be scoring big points for originality. But originality is a bit overrated, isn’t it? originality isn’t the same as quality. And while this show isn’t INNOVATIVE, Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is certainly excelling at execution by crafting a narrative has a clear, defined focus that features strong characterization while remaining entertaining every week. The series needs more love.

Kanon is scared of thunder and lightning! But An doesn’t seem to mind the physical contact.
Wow, thunder and lightning sucks.
“Take the stage! Tauburn!”
Mikan is a great onee-chan.
Good thing Mikan remembered to count on the hero who is best at singing. I wonder if Ha-chan is any good at singing.
Mikan feels embarassed for acting like a heroic big-shot.
Misaki took some pics of Mikan being a hero on the train!
Mikan overloads after Genki said she’s naturally cute. Considering how often Genki interacted with Mikan in this episode, I want to say this could be a ship?
This image is probably going to be featured in the series review.
This is actually me every night.
But I don’t have 8 IRL friends to tell me my writing is any good.
This is a much better Mikan compared to the glum Mikan at the beginning of the episode.

2 thoughts on “Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 7 Review – “Good Luck!! Mikapyon”

  1. We could all use 8 irl friends to tell us our writing is good. I don’t know if I could show them all the sex and murder (often together) that I write though…

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