Monthly Update #11 | September 2017 – Summer 2017 Anime Series Reviews, Fall 2017 Episode Series Reviews, Visual Novels, Aqours Fanfiction (?)

Only four more months to go. It just so happens that said months make up the most stressful part of the year. The climb isn’t over yet, folks!

Most Popular Posts in August 2017

I’m borrowing something I saw the marvelous Matt Doyle do in his monthly round-up posts by listing my top 5 posts (in terms of view count) over the past month.

These stats are not very great compared to that of other people’s, but I’m proud of them.

My post about my thoughts on the Summer 2017 shows that I’m reviewing (after around 6 weeks) being somewhat popular was to be expected since that’s the juicy information people want to see. The source of said information is questionable, though.

The popularity levels of the Kakegurui article and the Ballroom editorial are very reasonable considering:
a) some people are more into my analytical posts
b) some people dislike episode reviews and these posts broke through the episodic monotony and
c) some of my friends helped spread the articles around. Thank you all so much.

The rebellion against episodic reviews also explain why my post about a secret relationship in Princess Principal is so popular, sort of. Even though I published it back on episode 2, the article keeps getting hits (to the point that it’s actually my fourth most popular post of all time). As a result, I’ve decided to continuously update it as needed.

For reference. This means 70% of the views on my Princess Principal happened this month.

What’s really surprising is the sudden resurgence in this episode review (for Schoolgirl Strikers)! I’m not sure why people are looking at this post again, but I remain convinced that particular episode review had one of the best featured images ever.

Summer 2017 Anime Series Reviews

Same ol’ routine here. The season is rapidly drawing to a close, so expect these to come out late September/early October.

Fall 2017 Anime Episode Reviews

There are now charts available but I’m going to talk about the shows I’ve looking forward to watching in a later post.  I must admit, however, that doing episode reviews during this past season has worn me out. I’m not even sure if I’ll do them for Fall 2017. I know I bring this up every season, but I’ve been really tired recently. I’m catching flash naps in the bathroom stall at work!!

But I’ve been trudging on since I was under the impression that this is what the people like to see. Yet I’ve seen people complain about episode reviews and I’ve seen bloggers I really admire post these lovely editorials and now I’m very confused.

Therefore I want some input from my readers. Should I do episode reviews for Fall 2017? Please cast your votes in this Twitter poll so I can become the next American president since I’m more qualified than the incumbent. I’ll probably end up doing episode reviews for at least two yuri series, but who knows?

Visual Novels…

Saying that I’ll review more visual novels has been the running gag of the year for me.

But I’ll try my best. If I don’t have to spend time on episode reviews, then I will have more time to do many things, which includes playing visual novels.

Aqours Fanfiction

I have a few ideas in my head but I haven’t had time to actually write them out. But I feel incredibly motivated to write more now that we’re getting Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season.

If you feel like seeing my first attempt at fanfiction, then you can read this.

Other News

My interview articles have been published at MANGA.TOKYO! I had to interview some people at Anime Expo 2017, remember?

Konomi Suzuki interview

angela interview

That’s all, folks!



8 thoughts on “Monthly Update #11 | September 2017 – Summer 2017 Anime Series Reviews, Fall 2017 Episode Series Reviews, Visual Novels, Aqours Fanfiction (?)

  1. Can’t vote since I’m not on Twitter but gods, yes, you’re more qualified than that brainless monkey.

    I’ll read whatever you write tbh and if episodics are no longer as fun for you, then I say skip them. I’m tired of anime as a whole lately. Haven’t watched much of anything in weeks and the blog will probably go into hiatus soon. Ah well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, oops. Sorry about that.

      Haha ain’t most of us? Thank you for your support!

      Mmm got it and thank you. It’s just a lot of trouble and I think I’m just outclassed…
      I’m very sorry to hear that, actually. I’ll really miss your posts. But I guess that’s how things go. You’ll still be around right? :c

      Liked by 1 person

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