Tsurezure Children Episode 10 Review

(Spoilers in this review) This episode was tough for me to watch for 3 reasons.

  1. I hate Yamane Takao because he can’t listen to reason and Motoyama Tomomichi’s misogyny is off-putting.
  2. Seeing cameos of characters who have reduced screentime in this anime adaption is quite depressing since they’re doomed to remain as background characters.
  3. I knew of the result of the final segment in this episode.

Enough about my preferences, however. Let’s talk about the actual episode now.

The first part was painful to watch (I’ve outlined the reasons before and earlier in this post, but I sure do dislike the two male characters involved in this section). I actually paused and watched 40 minutes of funny moments in JoJo before deciding to return to watching this awkward segment. Long story short, Chiyo asks to talk to Takao after school behind the building and she offers him some baked goods. Takao refuses to acknowledge that she baked these goods for him, however, due to his cripplingly poor self-image. Tomomichi tries his best as a wingman, but the couple part ways prematurely.

“They’re this shy and cowardly, huh?”
Sexist bald wingman tells it like it is!
He fakes a fall and tries to buy them some time alone. What a guy.

This segment was all about Ayaka and Takeru. She ends up getting jealous over how he is nice to other girls. Takeru notices and asks, which leads to her spilling the beans. She laments over how she’s being unreasonable and Takeru reassures her. She in turns demands him to call her by her first name, which leaves him a nervous stammering wreck.

To be honest, I could relate to what happened in this situation. My girlfriend at the time got really insecure when her friend added me on FaceBook and was messaging me. Keep in mind that she also had a boyfriend. She didn’t want me to respond to her friend at all and got mad over how I was trying to be polite! At any rate, her friend de-friended me after I was dumped, so my ex-girlfriend never had anything to worry about.

I feel a little sad seeing Patricia and Noro since I know they’re just background characters in this anime. Oh, well.

Believe it or not, some girls will ask you to untwist bottle caps for them. I know this from personal experience.
Ah, Patricia, you were wronged by Gokumi.
A jealous Ayaka.
Noro, you, too, were also a victim.
Can you walk the walk, boy?

The third part has Kana and Chiaki spying on Takeru and Ayaka. It turns out that he overcome his nervousness and started calling Ayaka by her first name. K&G are astounded by the other couple’s ability to be openly affectionate, so they attempt to do so themselves. Unfortunately they’re interrupted by the same couple that gave them courage.

They don’t feel bad for peeking.
He swoops in!
She returns fire!
They try to follow suit!
But it doesn’t work out!

This episode ended in a downer. Chiaki invites Kana over and he’s intent on kissing her (and maybe having sex with her). Too bad he’s a coward as usual, so he ends up drinking some alcohol in order to be more courageous. Kana doesn’t want to be kissed for the first time while he’s under the influence, so she turns him down. He still goes for it nonetheless, which causes her to punch him and dump him.

Her reactions might have been a bit overblown, but it’s good to see a male character face the consequences of his actions for once. I just wish he wasn’t so foolish.

Another episode of Tsurezure Children except we only revolved around 3 couples this time. Some actual drama happened this week, yay.  Will it get addressed before the series is over or will we have to wait until season 2?

She came to his house.
He got drunk.
He ignored her refusal.
As a result, he got punched and was dumped.




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