Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 9 Review – “Silver Serious”

(Spoilers in this review) Mikan reveals that she wrote in a 6th heroine that Misaki can play during their upcoming performance, but Misaki shoots her suggestion down. Roko later confronts Misaki over her decision and accuses her of mentally runs away – which Misaki denies as she physically runs away. Despite their minor spat, Roko and Misaki keep things together for the show and it goes well until it starts raining (30% possibility of rain actually means 90% both in real and in anime) since the rain causes the fireworks people to delay the launch by 10 minutes. As a result, the girls are forced to ad-lib for 10 minutes, but the audience ends up getting bored, the performers start acting out of character, and Roko slips on a puddle and inures herself. As a result, Misaki makes a costume out of sheets and shows up as a 6th hero, Platinum, as planned. The fireworks then blast off and the girls manage to pose just in time. The performance is a success! Furthermore, Misaki and Roko make up.

Almost an entire episode was dedicated to the performance (for once), which was rather nice since we got to see the girls play their parts and see if they’re progressed as a group with our own eyes. And they indeed have gone a long way from their humble beginnings!

Misaki has gone several episodes without getting any significant character development, so it makes sense that she received her turn. I found her moral dilemma more hazy and undefined than her relationship with Roko (they should just start dating each other), but at least she finally came to terms with herself. She’s also pretty handy with her hands if she’s able to whip up a costume like that in such a short amount of time…

All in all, it was solid episode that concludes this significant performance, but I doubt this will enable Hinano Cheer Fruits from achieving their overall, lofty goal (of filling the hall to the brim with audience members so the building that was supported by Misaki’s grandfather isn’t torn down) within the next 3 episodes. Still, expecting such a milestone to happen in a series like this is a bit unrealistic. The series is hilarious and obligated to feature a montage in every episode. So what if their final goal isn’t achieved by the time the anime series ends? We at least got to see 9 girls come together as a group and act as heroines (yes, even Roko and Shimura are heroines, too, even though they’re assuming villain roles on-stage). That’s not a bad deal!


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