Princess Principal Episode 10 Review – “Case 22 Comfort Comrade”

(Spoilers in this review) Summary: Ange, Dorothy, and Beatrice are sent to see if Prez, a former classmate from spy school, is a double-agent. Said classmate was always second best at spy school and she had always admired someone. It turns out she was caught by the Kingdom and that she was poisoned and now forced into working for them so she could receive a long-term cure. Dorothy is powerless to stop her from offing herself right after she admits she had always yearned for Dorothy. When the two girls report back to Control, they find that L has been replaced by a man named General. The episode ends with General ordering Ange and Dorothy to assassinate Princess for their next mission.

Review: I’m just going to list some of the thoughts that popped into my head after this episode.

  • So we get to see another team besides Team White Pigeon…sort of. Remember back in episode 4 when Dorothy thought more experienced spies should handle the mission? That implied that there are other spy teams. It’s just too bad that Prez had already switched sides. Maybe we’ll see other teams since Prez brought them up when she expressed shock that Team White Pigeon was the one who received the C-Ball.
  • Speaking of which, we never got to hear Prez’s real name. That’s definitely a spy thing, I guess. My apologies, her name is Eleanor.
  • For a while I was led to believe Prez wanted to be like Ange since Prez seems uptight and fixated on results. In actuality, she was tired of having to be like that and she actually wanted to be more like Dorothy, who she considered to be wild and easygoing and free.
  • Nevertheless, there were hints as to who Prez actually admired. I mean, she muses that Christmas reminds her of her role model. And as it turns out, she had actually spent Christmas with Dorothy instead of Ange several years ago. The framing subtly placed the two girls side by side on several occasions, as well.
  • For once it seems like Ange had messed up, but she actually was trying to be considerate of Dorothy’s feelings, who considered Prez to be a friend. Ange is a nice girl despite her lies.
  • The implication behind Dorothy saying that Control has high hopes for Ange and not for their team as a whole is interesting. I wonder if Control consider the other members to be more expendable.
  • That’s shown in how the team receive missions, too. Dorothy is always the one to receive the orders, but Ange also accompanied her during this episode. Beatrice is an amateur, Chise is in a hazy spot on the team, and Princess is under scrutinity since Control thinks she’s possibly a double-agent.
  • Unfortunately, while L was the one calling the shots in Control and was wary about Princess, his replacement, General, outright thinks she’s a double-agent and has ordered Ange and Dorothy to kill her. In other words, here comes the climax!

All in all, it was an interesting episode that establishes Ange is a good girl, Dorothy is smooth with the ladies, and that Team White Pigeon is a lighter shade of grey compared to their opponents (blackmail via poisoning is really terrible). Unfortunately, Control is a darker shade of grey as they seem to have kicked off Operation: Changeling. Ange will have to choose sides and the results will definitely be messy.

The yung “Ange,” “Dorothy,” and “Prez.”
Their mission revolves around her.
Christmas reminds her of the person she wanted to be.
Beatrice sucks at a spy and Prez doesn’t hesitate to point it out.
Dorothy and Beatrice sure do get along well!
Compare and contrast.
Seems like Prez needs some sort of injection to keep going.
It’s implied she needs these injections because she has been poisoned. That’s why she switched sides, I guess.
The two are left to their own devices.
Turns out these 3 were taking an exam together on Christmas. Prez and Dorothy went to the fair while Ange helped them pass the exam. It’s like a regular group project!
Beatrice is let down because she wasn’t told their true mission: verify whether or not Prez is a double-agent.
“Have you ever looked up to someone?”
Ah, she found out that they were here. But Ange did it on purpose!
Oh, Ange is ignoring their plana and confronting her by herself. Ange did it on purpose?
It’s a white Christmas!
She’s faded.
Ange marks her from outside.
Beatrice doesn’t even have her driver’s permit yet!


Prez admits that the person she admired…was Dorothy. Years later, she still dreams of that night.
I will fight anyone who says this wasn’t love.
And man, this montage hit pretty hard.
“Goodbye, Dorothy.”
A distraught Dorothy is not the Dorothy we want to see.
Dorothy thanks Ange, who was trying to kill off Prez before Dorothy was forced to kill her herself.
L is gone and replaced with General. I wonder what happened.
“Next mission: assassinate Princess.”

4 thoughts on “Princess Principal Episode 10 Review – “Case 22 Comfort Comrade”

  1. Man, what is it about this show? I keep falling for the obvious traps. I also was thinking Ange was Eleanor’s role model right up until she said it wasn’t Ange. Ah well, rewatch potential.

    A few things about this episode which caught my eye:

    Dorothy is a real mother hen when it comes to helping her less confident teammates. She was just as much of a support to Eleanor as she is to Beatrice.

    This show loves Dorothy’s body and wants us to love it too. Who makes that pose while drinking a beer?

    Everything is “just as planned” for Ange. I’m not sure I like this because I feel like the Operation Changeling will unravel the same way and it kills the tension.

    I didn’t know Beatrice driving a car was a thing I needed in this world. Bless you, Princess Principal.

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    1. I totally fell for this one, too. The twists are always well-written but I’m always a beat behind.

      Gotta agree with you on Dorothy. She’s rather matronly.

      Maybe she wanted to make sure her lung capacity was fully involved so she can thoroughly enjoy her booze. At this point Dorothy’s flexin’ scenes are just there for me, but all of the previous examples had her using her body to win over male guards. This instance seemed to have been included to make sure we like her bod like you said.

      Yeah, I was hopeful but then grew disappointed. Ange did nothing wrong…again. A bit boring to have someone always be victorious. I’m personally wishing OC is a bit different. But if the group splinters apart, only Chise will be a theat against Ange. I’m not discrediting Dorothy, mind you, considering that she’s a good shot and competent in hand-to-hand. It’s just that Ange is too good.

      I didn’t know, either. We have both been enlightened.

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