Tsurezure Children Episode 11 Review

(Spoilers in this review)

In this episode, characters started extensively interacting with other characters besides their love interests. This makes the scenes more interesting since it’s not just limited to the same couple of couples.

The first scene focused on Chizuru talking about love with Ayaka and…Chizuru’s friend. I can’t remember her name. Chizuru is still oblivious and doesn’t know that she has a crush on Takurou even after Ayaka describes what it feels to be love-sick. Chizuru also learns that there’s a rumor going around that says Takurou likes her, but Chizuru is left confused as usual.

I can’t remember her friend’s name, but she was the one who confessed to Takurou via letter back in episode 4 according to the manga. Hence her sheepish expression when she admits she heard that Takurou likes Chizuru.

The second part focuses on Kana and Chiaki, who broke up in the previous episode. Kana has been ignoring Chiaki for some time and Chiaki is about to call it quits after texting for days on end. She finally relents before she drops her cell phone into the water while she’s taking a bath, which causes her to cry since she really does like Chiaki and was worried he’s grown to hate her since she’s ignored him for so long. Her mom momentarily fixes the phone through some physical maintenance, but the phone dies again as she’s trying to talk to Chiaki via the phone which causes Chiaki to become frustrated and declare that he’s giving up on her.

In other words, another coincidence strikes and the most troubled couple continues to suffer. Who brings their cellphone to the bathtub, anyways?

Wasn’t a fan of the fanservice, but what else is new?
Mom knows best!

The third part has Saki and Takase being awkward again. Saki ran out of pencil lead right before an exam but is scared to ask Takase. Takase is likewise scared to lend Saki lead. Both of them are worried of being accused of having ulterior motives (which is actually the case). Nevertheless, Takase helps out Saki and Yuki wonders why they’re not dating yet. Well, awkwardness and pride has a lot to do with it!

Who the heck uses 0.4  mm lead? Yuki does, that’s who!
He finally does it, the madman.
Another cameo appearance of the best couple.
Yuki watches while being puzzled.

The third part has Ryouko struggling with an exam. She’s desperately trying to do well in school during her last few months of high school so she can enter a public college and she’s worried that she’s started trying too late. However, everyone around her supports her efforts and she ends up crying after being touched by their kindness.

Akagi didn’t really show up, thankfully. But he did show some restraints towards Ryouko, which is good.

You can do it, Ryouko!
Seems like he’s buddy-buddy with the Love Master.
Oh, no, she dropped her eraser!
Pride and fear and embarrassment is too strong.
Erika helps out, though. Another cameo appearance for a character who has a love interest but who has reduced screen time in this adaptation. Oh, well…

…I said earlier that having character interact with more characters usually fleshes them out, but the characters were sort of revealed to be rather flat. They are basically defined by a single or a handful of traits or characteristics. Oh, well, they do react much like how normal people would if individuals in real life have a one-track mind. Then again, we’re only shown moments when they have to deal with stressful moments so I guess that’s just how they are during such times…

Only one more episode until this series ends, huh? It’s been both frustrating and hilarious, but I’m glad it received an adaptation. Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Tsurezure Children Episode 11 Review

  1. Honestly, one of the better eps of the series…. Which sounds like a backhanded compliment, but most have been at least above average so it’s actually hard in some ways to pick out the better eps. Though if Chizuru and Takurou don’t end up together, I’m going to throw things.

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    1. A girl I liked grabbed me by the arm and stabbed me with a mechanical pencil several times back in middle school. Lead is serious business.
      I sort of skipped the puppy dog stuff and went into the more risque stuff, so it’s kind of interesting seeing these sort of things in a show for me.
      There, there ;_________;

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Holy shit what. Come to think of it, have you mentiond that before? It sounds familiar.

        Haha good for you! I don’t feel certain emotions beyond a ertain level so even when my handful of infatuations/loves fell apart, it wasn’t as bad as it could be.

        Liked by 1 person

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