Netsuzou Trap Episode 11 Review – “Thanks, And I’m Sorry”

(Spoilers in this review)


Takeda helps Yuma realize that she holds romantic feelings for Hotaru. He then convinces Yuma to straighten things out with the person she likes. So Yuma confesses to Hotaru, who deflects the subject with a kiss, encourages Yuma to patch things up with Takeda, and then walks away. Things between Yuma and Hotaru get more awkward after the confession and Hotaru gets more clingy around Fujiwara. The episode ends with Yuma running into Hotaru’s house after hearing some loud noises in Hotaru’s room. She ends up seeing Hotaru covering her battered face with her hand while Fujiwara towering over her.


  • Yuma finally realizes her own feelings for Hotaru. But too little, too late. Playing up character’s obliviousness for episodes upon episodes is a shoddy way to perpetuate “drama.”
  • Hotaru finally got Yuma to confess to her after stringing her along for so many episodes (to be fair, Yuma started voluntarily approaching Hotaru so it was unfair for Yuma to pin all the blame on Hotaru). But she just treats Yuma’s feelings like they don’t really matter and leaves her to dry. What’s her goal? To make Yuma suffer? Because she made friends other than you? Grow up, Hotaru.
  • Fujiwara is still a piece of shit as usual.
  • Takeda is a really good guy! He even encourages the girls he likes to tell the person she likes about how she feels. He still hasn’t really put two and two together and hasn’t realized that she’s talking about Hotaru, but his support for Yuma is unwavering. Even when Yuma admits that the person she likes is already taken, he doesn’t criticize her! People who shame NTRap fans could learn from his behavior. Meanwhile I’ll continue to harp on NTRap for being a lackluster drama that relies on sensationalism and moronic characters that are unrelatable to be noticed.
  • “Thanks [for reading these episode reviews], and I’m sorry [you had to suffer through Netsuzou Trap alongside with me].”


6 thoughts on “Netsuzou Trap Episode 11 Review – “Thanks, And I’m Sorry”

  1. Takeda is my favorite character. He is the only one that went through any real character growth. He went from this nice guy who just wanted to get laid, to this sad character who always got cheated on, and finally after breaking up with Yuma he became the most honest and relatable character. He chose the help Yuma be with the one she loved instead of getting jealous and was supportive throughout these last few episodes. It’s sad he doesn’t get a happy ending when he’s the only character people like and relate with.

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    1. I totally agree with what you said. Meanwhile all of these other characters are very off-putting and two of them find happiness after 12 episodes of lies, manipulation, etc. At least Fujiwara was shoved to the side.

      Sometimes good people don’t get good endings, which is unfortunate.


    1. Seems like it!

      Yeah, he was the most popular character in the manga series according to the poll. The author seemed confounded about the result, but it was an obvious outcome in hindsight.

      I was a bit bothered that he was sitting around in his socks on the basketball court. Like, that’s getting your socks dirty, dude. Your shoes are right there? Are you airing your socks, my guy? Other than that he’s been a virtuous guy.

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      1. He’s the sole decent character in a story where the others are all too damn problematic to be most people’s problematic faves, ofc he’s popular.

        Hahaha such griveous crimes against socks. But yeah, dirty socks are gross.

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