Princess Principal Episode 11 Review – “Case 23 Humble Double”

(Spoilers in this review)


The military are now the ones who leading Control (as in the ones who were born in colonies and are unhappy with the monarchy), which explains the new guy known as General. These disgruntled soldiers, who were probably treated unfairly due to not being born in England, are pushing for Operation: Changeling to proceed, which had been put on-hold since Princess joined the spy force. Then the dissenters will start a war, murder the current Queen, and place Ange, who is supposed to replace Princess, as the new Queen.

After a pep talk from Dorothy, Ange decides to try to stop the mission from proceeding. A lack of time (and the fact that Dorothy and Chise have been removed from the team) means that Ange has no other choice but to fool and shake off the other agents (who were planted by Control) with a switcheroo. Once the girls have boarded a airship that’s headed towards Casablanca, Ange fills Princess in about the assassination mission. Princess becomes outraged over how Ange played with her life and locks her inside the room and they part on bad terms, with Princess telling Ange never to show her face around her again. And now it turns out that Princess is pretending to be Ange who is supposed to have assassinated Princess in order to take her place.


  • Wow. Princess is now walking on an even tighter rope. She’s a commoner who’s pretending to be royalty who’s pretending to be the spy agent who assassinated and took her place. She’s actually Ange who took Charlotte’s place as a Princess but now she has to masquerade as the “Ange” who killed and replaced “Charlotte.” Layers upon layers.
  • I’m slow on the uptake on this, but we know for a certain that the one who’s calling herself Princess is actually Princess due to her eyebrows. Ange’s eyebrows are considerably shorter than that of Princess’.
  • Where the heck do they get these wigs? And where did Princess get her white coat again? Ange was wearing her white coat and Princess was wearing Ange’s red coat when they parted ways.
  • Princess’ behavior is understandable yet alienating. Who doesn’t hate being pushed around without being told what was going on? Still, Ange had tried to tell her what was happening (and her efforts were thwarted by the other agents, namely Zelda) and she should be grateful. Instead, she’s continuing onwards for both selfish (to be Queen!) and selfless (she wants to break down the wall) reasons. Still, Ange doesn’t care about the wall anymore, really – she’ll be happy if they could just be together, which isn’t enough for Charlotte. Furthermore, it’s implied that Princess still cares for Ange and that she wants Ange to live on and not to die as she cries before going on to “clean up Ange’s mess.”
  • I’m hoping that Dorothy was not murdered off-screen and was merely taken away by someone else. It turns out her loyalty to Control isn’t as strong as her ties to her friends. That makes her a wonderful human being but a untrustworthy spy, so I can see why Control tried to take her out.
  • Chise claims she’s indebted after Team White Pigeon’s hospitality, but Ange plays dumb and doesn’t confide in Chise before she leaves. After finding out how things are from her Lord, I’m hoping that Chise will also go against his orders and save Ange. Dorothy could show up, too! But I’m just speculating here.
  • Turns out that Control might have had high hopes for Ange, but they didn’t fully trust her considering that they didn’t tell her about the other agents stationed near the school. I guess Control knew of her closeness with Princess.
  • In other words, this episode and this series HEATED UP and I’m worried about how things will end yet I’m excited.


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