First Impressions on Two Car (And Yet Another Announcement)

I’m now writing for The Outerhaven!

the outer haven

Since I’ll be submitting ~3 articles per week I figure I’ll start linking the articles in my blog. Maybe I’ll just link specific ones, however. Let me know how I should handle this, alright?

At any rate, here are my first impressions on Two Car!

In celebration of Silver Link’s tenth anniversary, the anime production company has produced an original TV anime series that is currently broadcasting during this Fall 2017 season. The series, which is titled Two Car, focuses on high school girls participating in motorcycle sidecar racing as teams.

Read more at The Outerhaven: First Impressions: Two Car

8 thoughts on “First Impressions on Two Car (And Yet Another Announcement)

  1. Congratulations on your new writing opportunity!

    I half-watched the first episode over my husband’s shoulder while I was reading some blog posts, and felt so confused that I felt like I’d missed something and went back and watched it myself with my full attention. It turns out that the flashbacks do really just show up mid-episode with no prompting. I don’t know much about sidecar racing at all, but it seems like the series has done a good job of explaining some of the basics to me as a beginner. If the awkward pacing continues though, it may be a bit of a struggle to keep watching.

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    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if this is the right choice but I’ll have to see. There are downsides and upsides to everything.

      Yes, the transitions between the “present” and the flashback portions are rather abrupt. I was also confused!

      The series did do a nice job explaining the basics of sidecar racing (from what I can tell. This certainly isn’t my expertise), at least. But, yes, continuing like this won’t bode well for the series.

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  2. I saw this one yesterday and have to say I’m not really impressed so dar. Agree with what you wrote. The constant flashbacks during the race, just took the pace out of it. Yes the sidecars looked cool, and the animation wasn’t bad either, but so far the characters don’t really interest me. I hope it will improve, but so far it isn’t really doing much for me. Shame really as I was looking forward to this one a lot.

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