First Impressions: Blend S

It seems like every year has to feature at least one anime series that revolves around a café and its employees. To be fair, the genre often proves to be rather popular, so it’s not unreasonable for similar series to pop up again and again. Blend S just happens to be one such series and is airing during the Fall 2017 anime season. Is it worth picking up? blend s 2.jpg

First Impressions

The episode covers Sakuranomiya Maika’s daily life as a 16 year-old girl who involuntarily sports a mean look in her eyes whenever she attempts to smile. Wanting to study abroad using her own hard-earned money, Maika fruitlessly looks for a part-time job until she ends up being accepted as an employee at a particular café called Stile. However, it turns out that the café expects the waitresses to adopt specific personas or traits, which leads to Maika being told to act like a sadist due to her natural glare. With her fellow co-wokers being a cheery gamer girl who has to pretend to be a tsundere, a petite and snarky college student who has to act like a younger sister, and an Italian chef who is a borderline otaku and who gets a bit too excited over the girls, Maika is sure to experience interesting times as a waitress at Stile.

I kept thinking of a few older anime series as I watched the first episode of Blend S. The series definitely reminded me of Working!! because it also primarily took place at a family restaurant (which is somewhat similar to a café), because it featured a male character who is very attracted to at least one of his female co-workers, and because it was also produced by A-1 Pictures.

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8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Blend S

  1. Even though I enjoyed reading your review, I am going to pass on this one. This just doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. Besides which, I am already following 5 series at the same time, which for me is quite unique lol 😂

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