5 Reasons Why Tsushima Yoshiko is Best Girl

Look, I’ll be doing a 9-part series here so please don’t get upset I’m promoting my favorite first. We’ll get to your waifu in due time, I promise!

First, I have to provide a disclaimer that the “reasons” on these lists are just my opinion. Some bloggers may say this statement is unneeded, but I feel like they’re essential in “Top ___” lists so the content creator doesn’t get lynched. Also, none of these lists are going to make that much sense if you’re not an Aqours fan. Sorry about that.

Without further ado, here’s my list where I talk about why I think Yoshiko is “best girl.”

Welcome to Hell Zone.

5. Yoshiko doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

The girl usually uses nicknames or abandon honorifics altogether, which is to be expected from someone who was a bit of a loner in middle school. Her communication skills may lack delicacy, but her blunt and direct approach is also refreshing.

But if the chips are down, Yoshiko can act very well-mannered. Such potent gap moe!


4. Her range of facial expressions is simply world-class.


3. On a similar note, her vocal range is unmatched.

Being able to alternate between sounding sultry and seductive as well as sounding pouty yet cute means listening to the Fallen Angel is a dynamic experience.

She’s also prone to helplessly yelling with her hands in the air whenever she’s cornered or insulted. Too moe.


2. She is a woman of many hairstyles.

In other words, she’s fashionable and perfect.

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1. She’s a chunnibyou.

She certainly keeps us entertained with the theatrics. We can always expect her hands to be in position whenever she dramatically poses. I just love the extra touch she usually puts on her costumes, too.


P.S.: She’s secretly pleasantly plump.


P.S.S.: The shape of her nose is exquisite.

Well, her nose is the most prominent out of Aqours. It’s probably the most noticeable nose in the entire Love Live! franchise. And I’m all for it.


I spent more time on this than I should have so I’m cutting it short here. Would love to know which Aqours girl you all want to see next. Leave your suggestions in the comments section, please!

14 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Tsushima Yoshiko is Best Girl

  1. As someone who has similar hair to Yoshiko, I’m glad you can appreciate her hairstyle.

    “I spent more time on this than I should have”

    Nonononononononono Yoshiko is great, you should have spent more time on her

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    1. Awww yeah Prattle is also best girl for having similar hair.

      I totally should have. Oh, well, I think she’ll be the only one with 2 extra reasons for being best girl so she’s special. Yoshiko already holds a special place in my heart, anyways!

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  2. It’s Yohane! (sorry, someone had to say it)

    I’m a total first years fan with Aqours, all three of them, though TBH I’m not sure I’d be as big of a fan of Yoshiko in particular if it wasn’t for the LLSIF mobiage. Her character lends itself to physical comedy so naturally – and Aikyan sells it so well with her voice work – that it feels like the TV series is often content to just ride on that for episodes at a time without giving her anything more substantial to do. Since the mobiage stories don’t have animation per se, just character sprites and a handful of facial expressions, they have to put more emphasis on dialogue and characterization to bring out the girls’ personalities, and all three first year girls benefit greatly from that, but especially Yosh, er, Yohane. Otherwise, I agree with every one of your points.

    Don’t really care who you do next, especially if you’re getting to all of them eventually anyway, but since Alfredo already suggested the third years I’ll throw a vote at Mari. She’s always been my least-favorite Aqours girl, but I’m actually a lot warmer towards her than I used to be, and season 2 has helped a lot with that.

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    1. (I’m thankful you did!)

      Ohhh I bet LLSIF makes each girl even more likable. I should probably start playing that. Mmm that’s definitely Yoshiko’s forte and Aikyan does a great job with her voicing.
      Wow, LLSIF has to be really well-written for that to work. That sounds amazing.

      Fair enough. Mari it is, then! I think she’s relatively low on most people’s lists, so this will be interesting. Season 2 has made me appreciate her a lot more, too.

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      1. Well some parts of the story are better than others – some chapters are just silly fun, of course, and there’s plenty of waifu pandering in the unlockable side stories (“I couldn’t have come this far without your support” and stuff like that), but some of the main story chapters are really good. My favorite Aqours chapter so far was Chapter 12, which had them recording self-intro videos. All three of the first years have poor first attempts and end up doing extra practice, but it’s mainly about Hanamaru’s insecurity over her verbal tic (something the anime occasionally brings up but never really explores in depth) and Ruby and Yohane trying to help her with that. It’s up on YouTube if you want to see it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIdtvyXigIA is the link to part 1.

        u’s had some cool scenes in their chapters too, of course, like I loved one scene where Nico and Kotori are hanging out at Honoka’s bakery together and end up in a passionate debate over the best fabric for a new costume design Kotori’s working on (Honoka tries to make them take a break at one point and gets chased away by both of them!) – I like it because it’s practically a whole new character dynamic, since those two hardly said ten words to each other across both anime seasons, and because interacting with each other brings out new sides to both of their characters (Nico’s own knowledge of costume design, Kotori being unusually stubborn about something) that we never really got to see in the anime.

        I don’t primarily play the game for the story, but scenes and chapters like those, when we get them, are why I appreciate the story.

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  3. I gotta admit that Yoshiko is at the bottom of my list of favorite Aqours girls. I’ll agree that she’s funny and has an amazing voice but other than that, I didn’t really find much else to like about her… I don’t mean to offend the Yoshiko fans lol However I do love Aika Kobayashi, her seiyuu, a whole bunch!

    I love this segment already and I’m already wondering/inspired to do one about the Muse girls. Other than that, I would love to see the next one for one of the third years! 😀

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