5 Reasons Why Matsuura Kanan is Best Girl

The fourth installment for the uninteresting “Best Girl in Aqours” series is here!

I didn’t receive any input when it comes to whom I should be writing about next, so I just chose Kanan! I guess I’ll write about Dia and then Hanamaru afterwards?

The usual disclaimer applies. These reasons are just my opinion so don’t lynch me, please. With that being said, 2 of these reasons are pretty shaky so if you must kill me, I understand. I’m sorry, Kanan was so hard to write about…


5. Kanan is athletic as fuck.


What else can I say? She jogs every morning and constantly swims for her family business. As a result, Kanan is basically an Amazon and has the best stamina compared to everyone else in Aqours by far. Super fit babes are great!


4. She has job experience.


Kanan might have been close to becoming a high school dropout since she was helping out her family’s business so often and was frequently ditching school, as stated earlier. Not everyone can drop things to help out their own blood. Props to her resolve!

3. She’s probably really smart.


Look, no one seemed overly worried that Kanan was even close to not graduating despite her situation. She must have been keeping up with school while working without actually attending class. Coming from someone who skipped out on too many university classes, I have to say that’s pretty impressive (well, it is high school, but give her a break. She’s holding down a job, attending school, and works as a school idol. She’s busy, busy, busy).

2. She’s a cool role model.


I’m sorry, Dia, but I’m pretty sure Kanan is the big sister of Aqours. You, Chika, Riko, and Hanamaru really look up to her for being level-headed. But you have Ruby, Dia, so don’t feel bad, okay?

I mean, both Mari and Dia have their moments, but Kanan is just more consistent as an onee-san.

1. She has a cute side.


With that being said, Kanan does have a cute side. From being scared of thunder and lightning (S2E2), being afraid of heights (S2E8), and using “umu” as an adorable verbal tic instead of “yeah” or “hmmm,” Kanan just wins you over with how adorable she can actually be.


That’s all for the hot tomboy with an amazing ponytail considering how she spends so much time underwater.

Should I write about Dia or Hanamaru next? As always, comments, questions, and concerns are welcome!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Matsuura Kanan is Best Girl

  1. I had Kanan at number one for when I did the Five Flaming Hotties tag. I feel like it was a no-brainer.

    Hmm, a Hanamaru post would be interesting to see the reasons for. I can maybe only come up with like three good ones, so it’d be nice to see what you think about her. 🙂

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