5 Reasons Why Kunikida Hanamaru is Best Girl

And here’s part 5 of the unwarranted “Best Girl in Aqours” series!

This time I’m going to be covering the lovable fluffball, Zuramaru Hanamaru! And as always, the usual disclaimers apply. These reasons are just my opinion and I would rather not be lynched if at all possible so go easy on me.

It’s the future, zura~

5. Hanamaru has a huge appetite.

I know, this particular characteristic of hers has basically been reduced to a comedic gag at this point, unfortunately. But if we ignore the fact that Hanamaru has been turned into comic relief when she could have received some actual characterization like the other first years (which is easier said than done since this hurts), then how can we interpret this trait?

Well, do you know the feeling when you see someone stuffing his or her face and just seeing him or her do so is enough to calm your heart, zura?

Well, neither do I, but I just find seeing Hanamaru eat to be very endearing somehow.

4. She’s a rebel.

Okay, maybe calling her a rebel is a bit much. But she (along with Mari and her green vest) isn’t afraid to dress up her plain school uniform by donning a comfy yellow cardigan. As someone who probably spends too much time looking at how each individual Aqours member’s performance outfits differ in terms of small details, I consider Hanamaru’s decision to intentionally stand out like this to be very interesting.


…or maybe she just sucks at dealing with the cold and the other girls should start giving her tons of hugs, zura.

3. She probably has the best singing voice.

…hey, hey, this is why I bolded the disclaimer earlier!

Even though I love Yoshiko to pieces and I love her diverse voice range, I still have to admit that Hanamaru probably has her (slightly) beat. Not that anyone in Aqours is bad at singing – I’d say they’re all pretty great, haters be damned. It’s just that Hanamaru is probably the best of the best, zura.

I mean, Hanamaru’s seiyuu, Takatsuki Kanako (AKA Takatsuking AKA Kyanako AKA Kaako AKA King AKA Kin-chan) used to be one of the best vocal talent for Anime Song Collab.

I think that proves my point. If not, here’s another (dated) video showing (some of) Hanamaru’s solo parts.

2. She has a childlike sense of wonder.


In a increasingly bitter world where talented idols are not properly acknowledged and where a certain authority figure resembles an Oompa Loompa with a bad comb-over, I find momentary reprieve seeing Hanamaru become excited over technology since she grew up in a temple. That’s the sort of mindset we all wished we still had.

Or maybe I should just be speaking for myself, zura. Still, I stand by my belief that watching Hanamaru is really good at making you relax.

Plus it’s funny. Or her antics can be turned into memes and become even more hilarious. But is the distinction really that important?

1. Hanamaru knows how to tame Yoshiko.

Simply put, Hanamaru knows how to discipline her childhood friend. Most of it involves Hanamaru exerting physical dominance despite the fact that she’s supposed to be a unathletic bookworm. Yet here is she is playing with Yoshiko like a cat plays with its food while she (usually) has a smile plastered over her face.







Look at at how she keeps her composure. Despite her cute looks, Hanamaru can be as cool and cold as ice. Don’t mess with Hanamaru, zura.

Well, that’s Hanamaru wrapped up and accounted for. I’ll write about Dia next and then I’ll try to figure out which member of CYaRon! should be up first.

I decided to include more videos in this particular installment. Was that a good idea? Should I stick to using more pictures? Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome as usual, zura!

11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Kunikida Hanamaru is Best Girl

  1. I agree with all of them except the ‘taming’ of Yohane. I dunno, but characters repressing other’s true selves always irks me. In a world where appearance is everything and donning a mask at all times for acceptance it’s disheartening to see the same things pushed around and further cemented. I was bullied for who I was, and who I was wasn’t a “Bad kid” just a “different kid” and my family victim blamed me at every turn saying “if you didn’t wear that” “If you’d be normal” “No one else is into that” “You must have done something” “It’s your fault”
    Though I like how Hanamaru’s fault in this is a good conversation starter on being a better person and human being. She’s a child so she has room to grow and realize that Yohane isn’t really hurting anyone and is having a alter ego REALLY a bad thing? As far as I can remember Yohane didn’t actually hurt anyone and she feels compelled by society standards of erroneous “acceptance”


    1. I would say Yohane inhibited Yoshiko in a few ways, such as when she felt too self-conscious to re-attend school after slipping back into her Yohane persona in public or when she would sort of “ruin” a pivotal moment which would lead to Hanamaru hushing her up (i.e. when the third years finally decided to talk things out).

      With that being said, Yohane’s flair for the dramatic adds to the build-up of emotions, such as her quips right before they perform. Maybe the fact that Hanamaru “tames” Yoshiko isn’t something to be celebrated per say, but there’s a time and a place for certain behaviour.


  2. I gotta agree with 3. I do think King has one of the best voices in Aqours and it was funny seeing her cover “Donna Toki mo Zutto” years before Sunshine and looking at a picture of her cosplaying as Nico and now thinking, wow, she actually got to be in that series as well! I believe Anchan had the same experience too. It’s nice to know that the Aqours seiyuu were massive fans like us. 🙂

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  3. Yay for best girl!

    When the fans were allowed to vote on the subunit memberships, three girls were already pre-selected as the “anchors” of each subunit, and the vote was really to decide how the fans wanted to pair up the other six girls with those three. The three anchors they chose to lead each unit were Chika, Mari…and Hanamaru. So obviously the producers recognized King as one of the strongest singers in the group from early on, too.

    And ha ha, yeah, while I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, Hanamaru has definitely inherited Hanayo’s role as the “fat kid” in the group – even though neither one of them is physically fat, just really, really into food. Here’s my fan theory: she’s been living on Buddhist temple cuisine for most of her life, but now that she’s been introduced to the joys of modern convenience store food (mirai zura!), she’s rebelling against her boring old healthy diet by fully indulging herself, and also dragging Yoshiko down with her if the latter’s recent weight gain is any indication. (Do you like how I tied 1, 2, 4, and 5 all together there?)

    Suggestion: Since you started Guilty Kiss with a first year and then the anchor (Mari), and started Azalea with a third year and then the anchor (Maru), why not finish the pattern by starting Cyaron with a second year and then the anchor? I.e., You first, then Chika.

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    1. Yay!

      Mmm, I think I was aware of Chika, but not Mari and Hanamaru.

      I think that fan theory is pretty solid! But she’s straying further and further from enlightenment at this rate (and yes, I appreciate your efforts).

      Wow, that’s a great suggestion. Thank you! I think I’ll do this.

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  4. The Hanamaru eating video just illustrates how precious Love Live! Sunshine!! is. The fact that the animators always make sure the girls are doing something active in a scene, even if they are not the ones speaking, is why you can’t get enough of these goofballs.

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    1. I must agree. The fact that they’re always up to something even if they’re in the background makes them feel alive (and ramps up their charm).

      It’s sort of made me become disillusioned with other shows which allow their characters to just sort of stand there with their hands by their sides, actually. Love Live! Sunshine!! is too good!

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