5 Reasons Why Kurosawa Dia is Best Girl

The 6th installment for the needless “Best Girl in Aqours” series has arrived!

Today, I’ll be talking about the older Kurosawa sibling, Dia-san! Surely there’s at least 5 reasons why Dia is best girl, right?

Usual disclaimers apply as always: don’t slay me if you disagree with my reasons. I don’t provide that much experience or gold upon death so look for some other mob to grind on.

Buu buu desu wa!

5. Dia-san keeps things in order.


Well, she at least tries her best to. With Kanan being busy leading dance practice and Mari trying her best to set the mood for everyone else with her zany antics, it’s usually up to Dia-san to keep the rest of these jokers in line. Riko helps with Chika and Yoshiko (and Hanamaru also helps with Yoshiko), but Dia-san bears the brunt of the work.


Alas, sometimes she, too, falls to temptation and becomes a silly goofball just like the rest of them.

4. She looks like a yamato nadeshiko.


What else can I say? She’s a graceful, dignified, well-mannered, ojou-sama. Perhaps you’d disagree, but I think Dia-san looks amazing in any Japanese-themed dress. Must be due to her sharp eyes and long, dark hair.


Her explosive temper prevents from being a true yamato nadeshiko, however. Dia-san is simply a bit too aggressive (much like Umi from the original series). But she sure does look like one.


3. She’s a real go-getter.


Dia-san dreams big and chases after perfection, which is good since school idols have a lot to live up to and strive for. If it weren’t for her, the girls might be a bit too content to slack off.


2. Mama Dia is really nurturing.


Don’t forget when Mama Dia comforted the younger members of Aqours. Mama Dia knows how to take care of her babies. Sometimes Mama Dia is taken care of by her childhood friends, admittedly, but she also returns the favor.


She has a super soft spot for her imouto, too. I’m tired of seeing all these aloof and icy onee-sans. Some onee-sans capable of tender loving care are sorely needed at all times!

1. She’s a dork!


Yes, that is the true form of this fiery perfectionist. She knows all about µ’s (and other Love Live! idol groups according to S2E11) to the point that everyone else are basically like noobs when it comes to school idols.

Call her Dia-chan to make her affection rating go up! Just look at her imagination go wild imagining her kouhai acting buddy-buddy with her in S2E4!


Just goes to show you that Dia…-chan has a cute side, too.

Phew, that’s all the third years done. 3 more to go! Thanks to WingKing, I already know the order I’ll be following as I finish up this series, so stay tuned!

Questions, comments, and concerns are welcomed as always! Thank you all for reading!

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Kurosawa Dia is Best Girl

  1. Episode 4 of season 2 was probably one of my favorites out of all of them. It was nice to see an episode about Dia, and it even swayed me to think she’s one of my best girls 😛

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