Rundown of 2017 Seasonal Anime!

Remy talks about the season shows Remy watched in 2017!

Last year’s post can be found here: Rundown of 2016 Anime!

As usual, I was unable to get to every show I wanted to get to. So, unfortunately, this list excludes:

  • Prism Paradise / PriPara
  • Choboraunyopomi Gekijou Dai San Maku Ai Mai Mii: Surgical Friends
  • Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
  • 6HP (Six Hearts Princess)
  • Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Mahou no Kagami
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ
  • Little Witch Academia

This is doubling as a post for 12 Days of Anime, which is sort of lazy of me considering how I was going to do this anyways. Sorry!

Winter 2017 Anime

The Good

Kemono Friends

  • Excellent world-building – the main characters roam all over the island and meet many different individuals in different regions.
  • Decent animation for a CGI series. It probably helps that the facial expressions are cartoony and the movement is exaggerated. Still, some people are picky and won’t accept the style.
  • Tone is sincere and genuine. You’ll feel happy, you’ll feel puzzled by mysterious development, and you’ll cry your eyes out. There’s also an implicit sadness in this post-apocalyptic adventure series. What an emotional roller coaster.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

  • Amazing world-building – Jean travels from district to district as an auditor. Each one is so unique and cool (if illogical).
  • Mature, well-developed characters and complex storytelling.
  • Slow-burner – it does take a while before things really pick up, but I would say the viewer is kept engaged even when the characters are just standing around talking for a few episodes. That’s mostly because each episode broadens the scope and provides more and more information while keeping a consistent, focused pace from beginning to end.

Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon

  • Warm. With a honest portrayal of family and love, Maid Dragon can only be described as such.
  • Very relatable messages and segments regarding identity and acceptance are woven into the series, as well.
  • Lovable characters – only wish that one particular side character was a bit more fleshed out.
  • Unfortunately, the interactions between Kanna and Riko as well as the ones between Shouta and Lucoa are questionable.
  • Great animation for those of you who care about that sort of thing. Which is basically a given considering this was done by Kyo Ani.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Urara Meirochou

  • Great sense of world-building. This is a vibrant world of fortune-telling and the viewer gets a front-row seat to its customs and traditions.
  • Cute girls who display a sense of genuine character progression.
  • It gets a bit overly sexual for a “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” show. Underage girls flash their bellies in many episodes.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Gabriel DropOut!

  • I was a bit overly harsh on the series. It’s a comedy series with goofy gags. Sometimes a series doesn’t have to be deep to be good fun. That being said, some gags are rather clever in wordplay.
  • That being said, the characters are definitely controversial. The only one who doesn’t have a legion of haters would be Vigne.
  • I have to apologize once again since Gabriel is always the one being harrassed by Satania. She’s just fighting fire with fire, basically.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

The Meh

Nyanko Days

  • Nyanko is love!
  • Some people may find mini cat-people to be weird. But they’re cute.
  • Nyanko is love!
  • At least it’s very short. You can finish the entire series within an hour.
  • Nyanko is love!

BanG Dream!

  • For a series that’s about music, the insert songs are rather forgettable.
  • Lackluster animation, but the backgrounds are very pretty.
  • I had written that the characters are dull, but that was being too tough on the girls. They’re alright – not the worst by any stretch of the imagination, but not groundbreaking.
  • I did like how the series featured a protagonist who simply wasn’t talented. Girls in despair, in small doses, can be good.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Kuzu no Honkai

  • I guess it’s okay. Tries hard to be edgy.
  • It might have more of an appeal to people who have “normal” sex lives. For me, it’s been there, done that.
  • Still, Kuzu no Honkai attempts to be sincere as it explores what it means to love. A somewhat genuine portrayal of what it means to be lesbian, too.

The Ugly

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu

  • Very very very slow sports anime about bicycling. Long Riders! was more enjoyable and more charming.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Idol Jihen

  • Subpar idol anime series with a silly premises.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel

  • Kind of funny. Takes a while to get going. Don’t bother thinking while watching.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Spring 2017

The Good

Sakura Quest

  • A working girls story that could be considered the successor to Shirobako.
  • The first cour is slightly predictable with an abundance of two-episode-set-ups, but the series really picks up by the second cour.
  • At times the series can seem a bit contrived, but ultimately Sakura Quest has good intentions and can really resonate with many viewers.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

The Meh

Frame Arms Girl

  • A relatively successful blend of CGI and hand-drawn aesthetics (i.e. the CG is better than Berserk 2016, but that’s a low bar).
  • I feel like the episodic format was a bit too predictable, but following a pattern of sort is the only option with a considerably large cast. The show shouldn’t try to introduce several characters within a single episode (thankfully it doesn’t).
  • Actually pretty funny.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

The Trashy

Twin Angel BREAK

  • Subpar magical girl series.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Hinako Note

  • Generic Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show. Very excessive with the fanservice.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Sin Nanatsu no Taizai

Summer 2017

The Good

Princess Principal

  • Lots of neat sci-fi gizmos and out-of-place elements (i.e. ninjas) makes the series chaotic yet COOL.
  • There’s a deep message to be found as the series progresses. Before the final few episodes, however, it’s easy to see each episode as random and isolated.
  • The viewer is left engaged with attention to detail and several looming secrets. Also beautiful backgrounds and amazing animation (in general).
  • The anachronic episode order seemed unnecessary.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Made in Abyss

  • Beautiful. Brutal. I don’t know how else to describe it without parroting others. You’d probably be doing yourself a disservice if you skip Made in Abyss.

New Game!!

  • As a sequel (to New Game!), this series mostly aims to provide characterization for the pre-existing characters and flesh them beyond being mere moeblobs by presenting relatable anxieties and issues.
  • That being said, some viewers will tear the characters apart for acting slightly stupid. The two newcomers to Eagle Jump are particularly polarizing even though their inclusion is needed to break the comfortable status quo.
  • If you disliked New Game! then you’re probably going to dislike New Game!! But the sequel does improve upon New Game! provided you don’t take the series overly seriously.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Hina Logi

  • Thankfully, one can enjoy this series without having watched the lackluster Luck & LogicHina Logi successfully establishes its own identity as a spin-off!
  • On paper, it’s a generic Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show. But everything is executed so well – the slice-of-life moments, the emotional moments, the comedic moments, the yuri moments. It should only be average in theory but I had a lot of fun watching Hina Logi.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits

  • A bit contrived at times due to how unlucky Misaki is.
  • Still, the series is very funny and features great character development. Action Heroine Cheer Fruits also embodies concepts regarding heroism and tonkatsu tokusatsu and comes across as being very sincere outside of Misaki’s misfortune.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Tsurezure Children

  • An anime short that manages to avoid prolonging the actual confession sequence (for most couples) that haunts most rom-com shows. Wow!
  • However, the series serves to play up the comedy aspect of the rom-com genre by including plenty of awkwardly hilarious scenes. Expect plenty of amazing reaction faces.
  • Perhaps some viewers will be unable to become invested in the couples because there’s so many or because (most) relationships accelerates past the initial stage only to become stagnant.
  • Be that as it may, it’s a funny series.

The Meh


Battle Girl High School

  • Basically Schoolgirl Strikers 2.0 – generic, huge cast, similar plot.
  • Still, I liked BGHS considerably more than SGS. Perhaps because it was better at landing the emotional segments and stirring the heart.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Ballroom e Youkoso

  • Not that much dancing, unfortunately.
  • Very easy to misconstrue the series as being sexist due to the nature of ballroom dancing. The series isn’t above making cheap homophobic gags, which is a shame since early on the series had spot-on comedic timing…at times.
  • tl;dr another trite underdog story that is executed well at times (Tatara is very relatable at times) but will piss off feminists.
  • I still stand by what I’ve written here for the most part.

The Trashy

Centaur no Nayami

  • Bizarre and is too faithful of an adaptation, which makes the series seem awkward and have stilted comedic timing.
  • The series attempts to do some sort of world building i.e. the viewer gets to see a world where centaurs, angels, etc walk around and deal with limitations of their bodies. Unfortunately, it’s easy to misinterpret the setting as being propagandistic or racist. The people in Centaur no Nayami just happen to live in a terrible world.
  • The highlights are the cute toddlers who provide HEALING, but are they worth sitting through ~6 hours of a lackluster series?


  • Rushed and/or minimal characterization (due to an absurdly large cast).
  • Sloppy animation.
  • A lot of explanations are cut out so anime-only viewers are left in the dark.
  • Kind of cool at times.

Knight’s & Magic

Netsuzou TRap

  • Bottom shelf yuri romance. You shouldn’t attack the fans of said show, but I don’t understand the appeal.
  • Anime series review can be found here.

Fall 2017

The Good

Houseki no Kuni

  • Unpredictable. ’nuff said. But no asspulls (i.e. these events may be surprising but they’re reasonable and logical). Standard tropes are subverted, too, and we’re left feeling pleased that the series isn’t cliché (i.e. heroic willpower doesn’t overcome all).
  • There are tons of characters but they’re introduced in a way that they remain memorable despite the fact that they’re sharing screen time. Not every anime series featuring a large cast can balance this out.
  • Speaking of which, the main character’s development is actually amazing. Her journey from deadbeat to hero is so dramatic and you can relate to her on every step. Even when she’s back to make jokes, you can tell she’s different. She’s changed, for better and for worse.
  • Get ready to weep. This series is an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Houseki no Kuni is simply beautiful. I dare you to imply that CGI anime can’t be good. It also takes full advantage of said cinematography in episode 10 (which is probably, as much as I hate saying anything is the best, one of the best episodes of the year).
  • Series review can be found here.

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

  • I like how the series is very sincere and doesn’t go for silly compromises. These school idols have to face grim reality unlike, say, μ’s, who coasted through everything with ease.
  • That being said, the show can also get super zany and it’s great to see said moments, too.
  • Aqours have also moved beyond just being in μ’s shadow for the most part and have started searching for their own identity. For now, they’re very much the foil to the greatest idol group (in Love Live! history).
  • The series is also charming and cute. Every episode is fun!
  • What I will complain is the uneven characterization. Certain characters may have received some love, but others have been left to dry (namely Hanamaru and You).
  • Their individual quirks have been exaggerated, which is to be expected in a series featuring an ensemble cast, but still.
  • Series review can be found here.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru: Yusha no Shou

  • What an emotional roller coaster.
  • Series review can be found here.

Konohana Kitan

  • What you thought was simply a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show actually features mythological characters/beings.
  • There are multiple stories within a single episode. Some match up and form a theme while others are distinct and separate. Be that as it may, every episode is a delight and can really cause people to tear up. How magical for them to be able to do this within a single episode and minimal build-up!
  • The backgrounds are also beautiful.
  • Not bad for a show about cute fox girls working at an inn that’s basically in Purgatory / inside the border between the human world and the spiritual world I already miss this show.
  • Series review can be found here.


  • This series was almost universally bashed due to its colorful and unique aesthetic.
  • But this kids’ show is actually rather meta. You wouldn’t expect such a philosophical discussion about what it means to be creative if you dropped the series in episode 1.
  • Give it a shot. But it does take a bit to pick up.
  • Series review can be found here.

Just Because!

  • People will whine about how the animation is spotty at times. They’re right, but the show is still great. Don’t listen to people who dismiss the show for not being done by Kyo Ani.
  • For a rom-com, the characters actually act like people and have realistic reactions.
  • The series is following interesting time frame since it mostly involves high school seniors. For most of these key players, everything is ending and they’re are at a crossroads/juncture and about to move onto new stage in their lives. Their high school lives are coming to a close and they’re trying to settle everything before moving on.
  • Typical miscommunication mishaps, though, but not to a “I hate this character” extent. A staple in rom-coms.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

  • Nothing much happens, but the girls are so charming and cute and have great chemistry.
  • Nothing much happens, but the series features many meaningful messages without getting preachy.
  • Nothing much happens, but the series is simply relaxing to watch.
  • Nothing much happens, but the series probably won’t incite strong feelings.
  • Series review can be found here.

Himouto! Umaru-chan R

Blend S

  • This is basically like Working!! aka a series about workplace rom-com. More heavy on the com. A-1 was behind both series, by the way, so the similarity makes sense!
  • It’s a fun watch, but the fact that the main female protagonist is only in high school while her love interest is a silly man who is quite a few years older may upset people. But such age differences are nothing new in romance, right?
  • Sometimes the show is a hit and sometimes it’s a miss (think of episode 11).

Mahoutsukai no Yome

  • I’ll spit on anyone’s face who tries to say that the relationship between Chise and Elias is romantic. She’s devoted to him, I’ll give you that, but it’s not for the right reasons.
  • Pretty and decent-enough world-building, but a lot of the finer details are left off the table and the viewers are expected to just follow along and forget about the minor stuff.
  • Can be relatable for some viewers.

Wake Up, Girls! Shin no Shou

  • Another WUG! series.
  • The animation is different now. Not necessarily worse or better. Just different. Still subpar as a whole, however. WUG-chan will forever be the underdog in that regard compared to, say, Love Live!.
  • The series touches some aspects of the idol industry that are overlooked in other idol series, but it’s also frustrating to see how WUG-chan haven’t done much since debuting. Small wonder they’re nobodies.

The Meh

UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2

  • Manga fans (including myself) are livid because the series has cut out a lot and the result is a boring mess and has anime-only viewers confused and lost about developments.
  • Even if these pivotal moments were left inside the anime, the series has had rather mediocre delivery in regards to shounen clichés. This is coming from a long-time Negima (manga) fan, which subverted so many typical shounen tropes. Perhaps UQ Holder! is simply too outdated due to its author’s dependence on clichés.
  • It’s a tolerable watch, but it’s not amazing or particularly good. You’re also missing out big time if you’re going into this series without any knowledge of Negima.

The Trashy

Shokugeki no Soma – San no Sara

  • Simply lacks impact compared to the manga.
  • There are some interesting messages being presented underneath all the fanservice, but the lack of subtlety or nuance makes taking this series seriously rather difficult.
  • Dropped at episode 10.


  • Had potential early on (i.e. was funny and seemed to have had a message), but it went downhill very quickly.
  • It just seems like the series ran out of meaningful content after episode 3 and is just stretching things out to pad out each episode.
  • It’s a problem when people can only refer to the series as a parody/reference machine since that’s basically mandatory content in comedic series. It’s also a problem when the series ends up being cliché, falls short at presenting said clichés in an adequate manner, and makes us wonder if everyone has gone insane since they’re trying to use anime logic in series that was originally on the realistic side of things.
  • As Seasonal Prattle puts it, the series is a farce. I dropped this at episode 9, which is a clear indicator of how I was thoroughly disappointed since I usually finish a series if I’ve gotten this far.

Two Car

  • Silver Link, is this the best you’ve got for your 10th anniversary?
  • It’s like you don’t understand your target audience. You usually aim for yuri fans, but four of these girls are fixated on men. And all of these girls are horribly cliché and one-note. And all of these couples are fighting for such dumb reasons that I can’t enjoy watching this. They just come across as stupid children who don’t know how to communicate. This goes especially for the two protagonists. Even if I cut everyone some slack for being high schoolers, it’s seriously off-putting.
  • At least the sidecars are cool.
  • Series review can be found here.

Black Clover

  • Generic and doesn’t execute its inherent shounen elements well. Asta is a broken record, Yuno hasn’t really done anything cool, the battles are lackluster, Noelle’s moment of realization is the weakest one I’ve seen, etc.
  • This mini rant is like beating a dead horse. I’ve checked out a few chapters and it is kind of fun to read. But that doesn’t mean the anime is fun to watch. The few people who are promoting the series are not actually watching Black Clover, which undermines their own credibility. Time is limited, folks. And I can’t rightly say Black Clover is worthy.
  • I think the series might be enjoyable if you’re new to shounen action battle series. For everyone else, though…
  • Dropped at episode 11.

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