Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre(s): Adventure, Mystery, Sci-fi

Aired: Oct 2017 – Dec 2017

Also known as: Girls’ Last Tour, 少女終末旅行

Summary: In a post-apocalyptic world, Chito and Yuuri ride their beloved Kettenkrad motorbike and aimlessly wander the ruins of the world they once knew. They spend their days in search of food and fuel for their vehicle. The feelings and experiences the two girls share give them something to live for as they attempt to survive in such a bleak and hopeless world…

Review: Say it with me: 2017 was a rough year. And what’s the remedy for a rough year? Some would say materialistic vices, others will say physical intimacies. Well, I’m here proposing that a healing show like Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou will do just fine.


What most people will immediately notice is how the cutesy character design clashes against the grim, darkened backdrop and background. These moeblobs are roughing it in a world setting that is decidedly unwelcoming and bleak, for it is clear that their world has been destroyed by war and all that is left (for the most part) are ruined buildings and non-perishable goods. For some people, this jarring contrast negatively affects their enjoyment of Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou.

But to me, that is part of the essence of the show and is what it’s trying to convey. Even when things are hopeless and you’re in a situation where you don’t necessarily belong or deserve to be in, you shouldn’t call it quits. You have to press on and remain determined to live. In Yuuri’s words, you should be “comfortable with hopelessness.” Several of the characters the pair run into either lose their purpose in life, fail at their purpose in life, or are about to lose their purpose in life. Yet none of these characters decided to quit and chose to hang on instead even though everything does indeed seem hopeless. It’s a great message.


Which brings me to the next point. Although the girls could have potentially gotten preachy as they mused about the important questions that we all take for granted in our civilized worlds and societies, they never did. Perhaps it’s due to how they never really come to an agreement and unanimously decide that things must be like this or that due to how the girls are total opposites in terms of mindset. Perhaps it’s because the girls are inherently charming since their interactions come across as being genuine and realistic. In any case, just watching these two goofballs interact with each other is calming and relaxing, even though nothing really happens in the series as a whole.


Still, the girls strive to find comfort in the small things. The world they live in differs greatly from ours in terms of appearance, but they (re)discover concepts and beliefs that we all end up taking for granted in our modern societies. Perhaps we also need to rediscover these things, as well. I believe we can learn a lot from these girls by appreciating what we have like they do.

I wish I had words to actually describe how much I love the OST.

As for the yuri, it’s very clear that the two girls care for each other. Other than that, it’s all up for interpretation.


Not much happens in this series and that’s okay. Sometimes we need that lull in life to get through the tough times.

I think most people will find the series to be enjoyable, but I can understand how some viewers may find Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou to be boring or how it fails to really generate strong emotion as the series unfolds. Nevertheless, I think you should at least consider giving the series a shot.


10 thoughts on “Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou – Anime Series Review

  1. Great review. The character designs remind me of Alien Nine for some odd reason and the whole “hope in a post-apocalyptic world” motif has a very Kurogane Communication-like feel to it which is certainly a compliment from me. I do enjoy little contrasts like that where you have something pleasant conflicting something much more morbid at times. Even though I have a tendency to get jaded and pessimistic, that notion of finding hope in a dystopia is something I could appreciate.

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  2. Well, as you might know I really love post apocalyptic settings. I have been following this series over on Karandi’s blog (as in reading her posts, because this one again isn’t available for me), and it really had my interest right from the start.
    I also like the pretty unusual look for the series, so hopefully I can at some point watch this one. Great post: you are very busy today, awesome! 😀😀

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    1. Mmm I figured this show would be right up your alley.

      Hopefully you can get to enjoy this series soon.

      Thank you! There’s at least one more post coming out. I’m still not sure if I should if I should do one more after that or not.

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  3. TFW there’s Yu(u)ri in the show but there’s no Yuri. Remy you have been done in by moeblobs! One of the greatest experience any anime fans can ever have, I tell you!

    Awesome review and please, with our holy powers, do not let this be those Girls’ Last Tour.

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    1. There certainly are moments, but most sane individuals will (understandably) chalk it up to being just subtext. Being done in by moeblobs hurts.

      Thank you. I sure hope it isn’t their last tour, too.

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