5 Reasons Why Takami Chika is Best Girl

I’ve been dreading this day, to be honest.

If any member of Aqours could be considered to be controversial, then Chika is that special girl. I won’t get into specifics here, but her unique position has made me delay this post for longer than I should have. But I must finish. So here it is.

Disclaimer: all of these reasons are just my opinions so don’t lynch me, please.

Mikan is delicious.

5. Chika is surprisingly perceptive

Considering how she’s commonly portrayed as an airhead, Chika still managed to notice that Riko was feeling torn over how her piano competition is taking place on the same day as the Love Live preliminaries (S1E10). Well, admittedly, she overheard Riko’s pretty mom talking about this so she had some help, but still.


She also noticed when Dia was fretting over how the younger members were calling her Dia-san instead of Dia-chan (S2E4). She sure has a keen eye for details! Or maybe Chika has good instincts.


4. She has a way with words.

The leader of Aqours knows just want to say to win people over. Just think of how she seduced recruited 8 other girls to sing and dance with her!


It’s really not a coincidence that she’s usually the one who writes the lyrics for Aqours songs.

3. Her voice is the embodiment of energy.


Okay, maybe this is going into abstract territory. But I always think her voice is perky, bright, cheery, hopeful. This goes for her speaking voice AND her singing voice. Considering how she’s almost always the center for songs, this is pretty important. She gets the best lines and her voice just grabs your attention and lets you know everything is going to be okay. It may not be your favorite voice (heck, she isn’t my favorite voice, either), but I would vouch for her steadiness and reliability during performances at the very least.

2. She is a social monster.


Chika doesn’t care if you’re shy or if you’re stubbornly resisting others’ attempts to make you open up. She’ll keep charging at you until you let her in.


Of course, this sort of means she can be a bit of a busybody since she essentially jumped into the third years’ spat and got involved with something that doesn’t really involve her, but it’s considered okay since she’s the leader of Aqours and she’s trying to start an idol group, dammit.


She also has no qualms with calling other girls cute. Chika, I love it when you’re honest.

1. Chika-chi is a normal monster.

In a world where other idols are innately talented at everything or are athletic amazons, Chika is more or less a normal girl and I find this to be the biggest draw to her. Sure, she’s clearly skilled at doing a flip on the high-bar (S2E1), but that doesn’t really mean anything unless she becomes a gymnast.


She’s also talented at calligraphy, sure (S2E10), even though she’s a bit of a klutz.


But in terms of an idol (and outside of penning great lyrics), she’s decidedly average compared to her childhood friends, You and Kanan. In fact, she disregards her promising talents in horizontal bar and calligraphy to claim she’s just a normal monster.

In Chika’s mind, becoming a school idol is the way for her to shine radiantly just like the school idols she looked up to. She doesn’t want to just be a normal girl. I would dare say she embodies the core themes in Love Live! Sunshine!! in that regard as these girls attempt to find themselves and shine brilliantly and be remembered forevermore.

To me, seeing her try hard despite failures and setbacks is what endears her to me. She is well aware she has her own limitations and will still strive to push beyond to make Aqours successful while remaining modest of her own accomplishments. She’ll even fall into despair like a regular, normal human, but she never lets it keep her down for long. To me, she’s a true school idol, a girl who is aware of how transient everything is yet will still strive her hardest anyways.


Well, one more left to go. See you soon.

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