Weekly Personal Update #1

A friend told me that doing something like this might be a good idea since I sometimes just seemingly disappear for days on without blogging at all.

It’s really ambitious to try to keep this particular feature running every week, I feel. But I’ll try.

I also think it’s best to keep things brief. Maybe around three hundred words.

This week I was thinking of expanding The Lily Garden. Maybe set up a Patreon. Set up a Buy Me a Coffee. Try making videos. We’ll see. Currently feeling a bit weird as seen here. I’ll spare you all the melodrama by not going into detail. It’s definitely affecting me right now, though.

Maybe it’s a bad idea to do these things when I’m lacking direction and drive. Why would people want to invest in me if I can’t guarantee what they want? But I’m telling myself these feelings will fade and that I just need to keep myself busy. And if I continue to deliver content, then I might get somewhere eventually. That’s the plan, anyways.

I’m having dinner with my family tonight. Considering how often I eat out to avoid them, this should be considered a unusual occurrence.

Some of my online friends have private Twitters and they all seem to find that having confidential accounts provides cathartic release. I’ve considered following suit, but I don’t know. I already feel conflicted about offering exclusive content to Patreon patrons (wow, I’m talking as if I’ve already set up a Patreon). I also don’t really want to be selective and potentially cause hurt feelings. Therefore I’ll continue to just be an open book (to a reasonable extent), I think. Wearing my heart on my sleeve is how I’ve always rolled.

So please forgive me if I get too melodramatic on Twitter. I’ll try to keep that to a minimum in 2018.

More visual novels to play/read. More anime to binge. Need to catch up on people’s blog posts. Still unemployed. It’s a never ending journey.

Oops, 340+ words. That’s more than I thought I would write. Sorry.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Personal Update #1

  1. Belated happy new year! I thought I hadn’t seen you around much recently; sorry to hear you’re having a bit of a turbulent period in the mental and emotional wellbeing department. I can definitely relate to that, particularly the bad places being unemployed can send your brain.

    It may sound like trite, obvious advice, but… do what makes you happy, and don’t worry about other people; if they’re true friends and supporters (which most of the people in this wonderful little community are, I feel!) then they’ll understand whatever you decide to do.

    Personally speaking, I find that putting out regular content (with a certain degree of structure to my weekly activities) helps give me something to focus on each day as well as something to look forward to after the daily grind at work. Even keeping the fairly rigorous schedule I do on my site, writing is still a pleasure, which is probably a good sign!

    This doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, of course; sometimes everyone finds they need a bit of a break, and if you start feeling a greater sense of obligation than you do pleasure from your writing, it’s probably a good sign to pause, take stock of the situation and get things in perspective. Your readers will still be waiting for you when you come back refreshed.

    As dear old Michel has already noted above, you have a unique and distinctive style to your writing, and your passion and enthusiasm for what you write about always shines through, along with your sincere desire to be part of a community. I wish you all the best, and hope you feel a bit better about things soon.

    Good luck!

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    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Pete! Ah, yeah, I disappeared for a bit. Thanks for being understanding and showing that you get it. I’ll take your advice. The people in this community do genuinely seem kind and it’s great!

      Ahh, more words of wisdom. I’ll keep them in mind, too. A schedule sounds like an excellent idea.

      Thank you. That means a lot. I also wish you all the best, too, as you continue to write engaging and enlightening articles.

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  2. As I mentioned in your previous post Remy, really don’t worry about us. Do the things that you yourself like to do the most. I know I speak for pretty much everyone here that is following you; you are an amazingly skilled writer, and one that writes from the heart. Only people that are awesome can do something like that: and that is exactly what you are: awesome! 😀😀 Never, ever forget that 😊

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    1. Thank you, raistlin. Well, what I want to please others. That’s what it boils down to. Maybe I need to develop my own sense of self in 2018.

      But thank you for the kind words. You and DerekL have been very nice in assuring me that I have a unique style and it means the world to me. Thanks for the encouragement once again.

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      1. But Remy: think of it this way. Maybe you are already pleasing others with everything that you are writing?
        And if you are in real doubt about that, or not exactly sure what to do: maybe you could hold a poll and ask your readers. Be sure to include the question: do you want me to be happy? I think that is what it comes down go in the end. All of the people that know yiu, want you to be happy writing your post. And whatever they are about, with your unique style you already know how to please. So, as I said, try also to think a bit about what you want as well. After all it is your blog, and we all already know that it’s a cool one. The only one that you need to convince of that is yourself 😉

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