School Uniforms in Toji no Miko

Apparently Toji no Miko is about slaying monsters as well as kendo matches involving actual blades and using spirit bodies so the girls don’t die for real. But the actual draw is how there are five different schools participating in an interscholastic sword-swinging tournament, which means there are five different uniforms to ogle and observe and rank.

Clearly this is the real reason why people watch this show. So without further ado, let’s talk about uniforms.

Minoseki Academy


For being the first school the audience is properly introduced to, these girls sure are wearing some shabby uniforms. A detachable sailor collar that is angular and features a thick white stripe trim makes the uniform seem stiff and unbecoming. Furthermore the crimson rectangle silhouette, which covers the upper body and is accentuated with eight buttons, makes the uniform look like it’s trying too hard.

What pushes the uniform over the edge, however, are the small white cross on the side of the skirt and the two tassels danging from the detachable sailor collar. Was the designer of this particular uniform a big fan of Aladdin?


This hybrid uniform as a whole gives a clunky, superfluous image. That’s even with the minimalistic yet cool shirt button collar and the simple yet refined orange ribbon.



This particular uniform features a more traditional ribbon that is more like an emblematic tie. The muted colour scheme of white, grey, and black makes Ayanokuji’s uniform stand out compared to the more vibrantly uniforms. A button-up band collar seems extraneous, but it could be nice to have during colder months.


However, the pleated skirt seems a bit too busy with the black petticoat since it already has a sleek grey trim. Points for being longer than that of Minoseki Academy’s, however. Personally, I also dislike the overt black body lines which make the girls look like they’re figurine dolls to be assembled.

Renpu Girls’ Academy


This particular uniform looks more like a cardigan with a sailor collar worn over a dress shirt and tie. I love the interesting and innovative shape the sailor collar has taken. The bold choice to pair purple with its contrasting colour, orange, pays off, too.


The purple trim by the sleeves and the pleated skirt featuring a tasteful white trim both provide nothing to whine about. But if I had to complain about something, then I guess I would have to deduct a few points from the uniform’s body lines even though they are much more subtle and much less obtrusive than that of Ayanokouji’s.

Osafune Girls’ School


This particular uniform is very flashy and makes me think the designer really likes autumn.


It’s hard to judge this particular uniform considering how both girls seem to have customized the uniform to suit their body types and personal preferences (notice how the blonde ojou-sama is wearing one long sock and one short sock, for instance), but it does seem stuffy and slightly difficult to put on. The uniform also seems to emphasize the chest if it’s properly worn, for better or for worse.

Heijou Institute


This particular uniform is a travesty that I refuse to comment on.

That’s all, folks! Do you agree with my opinions? Feel like I was too hard on a particular uniform? Please feel free to let me know! Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome!

9 thoughts on “School Uniforms in Toji no Miko

  1. I’ll bet the designer of the first costume watched way to much sword art online and really liked Asuna’s costume.

    *laughs* the final uniform is my favorite. What makes it a travesty? I demand an explanation!

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    1. The comically oversized ribbon and the excessive stripes and trims make me hesitant to embrace the uniform as a whole. I do admit that the uniform creates this illusion of layering and all, at least.

      All in all, the uniform was actually not too bad, but I simply didn’t want to talk about it. My apologies for my slander!!

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    1. I might make it a tradition for me to talk about clothes after suffering through a lackluster, or at least a polarizing, first episode.

      I don’t think Toji no Miko will really improve, though.

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