500 Followers, a Call for Collabs, and an Announcement!

Right before I hit the 20 month mark (that’ll be 1 year and 8 months for those of you who can’t be bothered to do arithmetic), I received a notification which claimed that I hit 500 followers.

2018-01-17 (2)
That’s bigger than my weekly paycheck ever was.

So many other bloggers have tons more followers than me, of course, but I’m happy that The Lily Garden reached this milestone. That means ~500 people are looking at my stuff from time to time. That’s honestly astounding. Thank you all for supporting me and bothering to click on a half-baked post written by yours truly every so often.

That tilde sign is there, by the way, because I don’t think “Topless Waiters in Melbourne” actually care(s) to read my thoughts on anime, visual novels, and manga. Or maybe he/she/they does/do and he/she/they is/are just trying to tell me how he/she/they is/are disappointed that I’m not talking enough about yuri despite the fact that I run a blog called The Lily Garden. Wow, he/she/they is/are actually critical yet reasonable, then. Thank you, “Topless Waiters in Melbourne.” You’re alright for not being an actual person.

And now people will find my blog by looking up “Topless Waiters in Melbourne.” Great.

Anyways, I wanted to turn this particular occasion into an opportunity for interaction and stuff. For an entire week, I’ll be open to making “Top 5 lists” based on the topic suggestions you leave in the comments section of this blog post. I’ll stop taking suggestions after January 25th, 2018 11:59 PM PST (so that’ll be 1/25/2018 or 25/1/2018 if you live in a country that actually follows logic). I’ll be sure to give your blog, Twitter, etc a shout-out if you’d like, too, should I choose to use your suggestion.

I don’t know if anyone would like to participate or if this comment section is going to be completely barren, to be honest. This is literally an idea I came up with less than 10 minutes ago while I was staring at the image with the triple-digit number near the top of this post, so this random thought may completely flop. If no one wants to suggest anything, then that’s okay, too. I’ve had my fair share of awkward one-night-stands before so I know how to roll with rejection. I-It’ll be fine and I won’t cry!

Oh, I lied. Or did I?

I’m also going to be open to doing collabs again! I have one that’s going to be published on Friday and one that’s currently under development, but I’m always interested in working with more of you fine folk. Maybe I’m getting motivated by seeing Irina, Astral Gemini, Leap250, and The Pantless Anime Blogger conduct their Winter 2018 Anime Games (you should really go check out their little competition, by the way). Perhaps reading about how Scott is lining up the calendar with a myriad of collabs got me feeling fired up. I’m honestly not sure. At any rate, please look forward to his upcoming collab posts, too.

And feel free to contact me if you’re down to rumble with Remy. I promise I’ll try to show more initiative when it comes to topic suggestions since I’ve been allowing my partners to take the lead in that regard and that’s a scary thought.

That’s all, folks.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all continue to bless The Lily Garden with curious clicks and sincere comments. Insincere comments are welcome, too.

(If you seriously don’t want to bother with arithmetic for the rest of your life, then please hire me and I’ll gladly do that for you)

78 thoughts on “500 Followers, a Call for Collabs, and an Announcement!

  1. Happy congratulations on 500 followers!! (pops the fireworks)
    Looking forward to more collab posts with you and other bloggers, they are always fun to read and yet thought provoking 🙂
    I guess I throw in a top-5 suggestion too: Top 5 surprising moments / moments that surprised you in anime?

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  2. Congrats on the nice round number milestone!

    Let’s see, a top 5 for 500, hmm? Fives and zeros…how about five good yuri anime that no one talks enough about?


  3. 500 followers. Wow. That’s all I can say. And congrats, of course! That’s a huge mile stone.

    I would love to do a collaboration with you. We can talk about yuri, idols, cute girl shows… Or about how awesome Hinako Note and School Girl Strikers are 😛 Haha, just kidding.

    But really we should collab on our mutual interests ! 😀


  4. Congrats on getting over 500 followers, Remy! That’s amazing.

    Ideas for Top 5 lists:

    -Underrated anime heroes or villains
    -Best insert songs
    -original anime screenplays
    -Anime series you don’t understand the hate they get

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  5. congrats on 500!!!

    and yo i would LOVE to collab with you on something love live related (not being biased or anything lol) once i come back 😛

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  6. For every follower who doesn’t read your blog, there’s someone who reads your blog but doesn’t “follow” it (like, um, me), so just accept that number.

    I’ve always wanted to see a top inanimate objects (like, say, the magic hand in Working!!, or Yamada the rock from Minami Ke, or the vibrating chair in Hanasaku Iroha). That should be fun.

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    1. Ahh you’re totally right. I’ll try to show you folk more consideration from now on (also thanks for reading).

      Whoa, that’s quite the challenge. I’ll try my best!


  7. Congrats on the 500 followers!! 😊
    As for a top, I suggest, top 5 cringe moments in anime (I don’t know why).
    And hey, I’d be up to collab with you on whatever you want. I think it’d be a lot of fun! 😊

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  8. That’s not 20 months! That’s 18! Oh wait… Shoot, maybe I shouldn’t be an accountant…

    Top five favorite anime hairstyles. Shouldn’t that be 500 though? Their are certainly enough of them out there. *evil laugh*

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  9. You’ve earned yourself twice as many followers in half the time it took me to do so—THAT’S AWESOME, Remy!! 500 is such a huuuge milestone, and I’m glad that you got there because you definitely deserve to be read from! I’ll hold on the collabs for now (since I’m so lazy as is, haha) but I do look forward to reading them, as always. As for a top 5 . . . How about five shows that you personally think encompass who you are as both a person and an anime fan. Like for me, some include Evangelion (because deep introspective thinking among other things) and Fate/Zero because I like to think that even in today’s age, I value chivalry when I see it. IDK, you take it away—you can do whatever and I’ll still enjoy it! Congratulations again on the big 5-0-0!!

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    1. Thanks, Takuto!! I still think you’re being criminally underrated and overlooked, which is a shame.

      Ahh, I’ll try to not disappoint!

      I really really like this one. Great topic. Leave it to Takuto to deliver!!!

      Thank you once again!

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  10. Congrats on 500! ‘Tis excellent to see!
    Top 5 Lists though … this is an odd suggestion, so no worries if it has no legs, but how about the Top 5 Times That Anime Characters Engaged In Cosplay? Or to reword it slightly, Top 5 Cosplays Worn By Anime Characters?
    As to collabs, I want to start doing these myself this year, so would be up for one if you are. Having no idea what I’m doing when it comes to collabs though, I would probably need some guidance.

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    1. Thank you, Matt!

      Ohh that’s an interesting one. I’m not sure I can deliver, but I sure can try!

      I’ll…also get back to you on this one. A lot of people have asked and I’ll have to figure out details starting from tomorrow, haha.

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  11. 500? OMG congrats Remy! I’m really happy for you! That’s just… Awesome!
    I’m always open to colab with awesome people! So if you want just yell and I’ll come xD
    For the suggestions… Hmm… Why not top 5 cringy moments, or top 5 misleading characters, or… Hmm top 5 kisses (that normally goes well xP) I dunno just giving random ideas :3
    Again… So happy for you 🙂

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  12. Congrats Remy~!!
    500 people have great taste in ani-blogging it seems

    Top 5 eh? Hmm, ah, since we were on the subject before — how about a Top 5: Things I Learned (or wanted to learn) Because of Anime?

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  13. nice, congrats.

    eliciting top 5 list ideas from comments is a great idea…i have all sorts of problems coming up with list ideas.

    i should probably try doing collabs. i have a similar issue where im not great with ideas, so im usually following (and i dont really like doing that all the time)

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    1. Thank you!

      It feels a bit shameless, but I like how everyone has come up with so many great ideas. I also struggle when it comes to coming up with list ideas (and lists in general).

      I think you should! Maybe you’d like it.

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    This is sooo awesome~

    Top 5? Cool! (I’m in a country that does make sense XD)
    I second Shoka-san’s idea, and as for my own…. could you do a Top 5 Times Manga/ Anime love got me into weird conversations/ situations?
    Again, congratulations!

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  15. I just realize how smug my name is compared to other bloggers, haha.
    and congrats on the 500!!!!!
    also, for your top five list: anime break-ups. doesn’t have to be romance, and yeah, it’s a limited topic but I’d like to see what you come up with :p

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  16. Congratulations Remy-kun!
    As for the top 5, how about pick a few random stats from your blog?
    Stuff like top five commentors, top five countries in your blog traffic.

    Naturally, you have to talk about them and give out your reactions!

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    1. Thanks, Shoka-tan!

      That sounds pretty nifty, actually. I might put them all in one post. though. The Top Five Top Five Random Stats or something.

      Ehhh I have to explain my thoughts? Well, just kidding. Will do!

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  17. Congrats, my dude!

    Top 5’s, huh? Hm… Maybe Top 5 Characters Types (or Combinations thereof) in Yuri Anime/Manga? Just to keep with the theme XD If you’ve already done a thing like that, my bad. Still catching up on a lot of blogs that’ve been around longer than ours.

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    1. Thank you!!

      Hmmm I’ll consider it. I think it could be thorny topic and I could be called out on stereotyping, maybe. Perhaps I’m overthinking things.
      No worries! It’s great to read tons of stuff~


  18. >That tilde sign is there, by the way, because I don’t think “Topless Waiters in Melbourne” actually care(s) to read my thoughts on anime, visual novels, and manga.

    I hear ya… I’ve been getting about 1-3 spam followers (randomalphanumeric@outlook.com) a day this past week, plus a *ton* on Twitter. But I block those roaches as soon as they show up. But even so, the bulk of those are real. Probably. (I kid, I kid!) Conga-rats!

    Hmm…. top 5. How about top 5 food moments in anime? That’ll make you work! 🙂

    Collabs… I’ll have to ponder on what you and a grumpy old fart might be able to accomplish together.

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    1. Oh, jeez, that’s terrible to hear. I wouldn’t wish that fate on my enemies.

      Thank you!

      Giving me a hard time, huh? Well, I’m up for a challenge, so why not?!

      Mmm looking forward to it. We can brainstorm or something.

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  19. At some point you know you and I shall do a collab good sir! And hey topless Waiters in Melbourne matters (clearly they can see good content if they followed even if they may or not be a robot). As for a recommendation for a top 5 hmmmm…How about your top 5 Villains who have shrill voices or petty mentalities? I mean after you did that perfect guide to how to Ohohoho (to which I perfectly used on my friends to showcase my superiority) it would be interesting to see your favourite list of villains whose vanity, petty drive or amazingly shrill voice of a bratty teen throwing a temper tantrum. Here’s to a wealthy amount of followers and more to come!

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    1. I’ll hold you tooo it!

      E-eh, if you say so. Surely these beefcakes have good taste, right?

      Ohhhh I like that topic. I’ll try my best! I’m glad you enjoyed that guide on how to Ohohoho (and you seemed to have put it to great use!)

      You’re too kind~ Thank you!

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  20. See: told ya: your blog is awesome 😀😀😀 Congratulations on this absolutely amazing milestone, truly something to be really proud of! 😉
    As for collabs, am definitely open for that, have only done one so far with Auri: so always open for more.
    As for post suggestions: how about the five things you like the most in anime, or even things you really hate about anime. Or a post about the history of your blog? Would like to know more about how you got into blogging 😀
    Anyways: congrats again: may your blog continue for many more years 😀😀😀

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    1. Thanks, raistlin! I’ll try to hold my head up high!

      Ohh, let’s do it sometime, then!

      You’ve given me some pretty great topics right there. Alrighttttt, I’ll try my best!

      Thank you once again. You’re too kind~

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