Monthly Update #16 | February 2018 – Top 5 Lists, Collabs, Visual Novels, Midseason Musings, ETC

We’re past the first month of 2018, everybody!

I would include a list of my top 5 posts in the previous month, but I sort of already did that in a recent post. Speaking of which…

Top 5 Lists

I’m slowly working through the list of suggestions you all gave me when I made a post to celebrate reaching 500 followers. I intend to release one every week, so stay tuned!


And in that same post, I asked if people would want to do collabs. I wrote down the people who volunteered, don’t worry! It’s just that I’m currently struggling a bit with things and haven’t really reached out to anyone. It’s not you. It’s me. Sooo I’ll try to get to that later this month if possible!

Visual Novels

Uh, I intend to release a review on SeaBed later this month. Still powering through it, though. Hopefully I can revisit older yuri visual novels in February, too.

Midseason Musings

Towards the end of the month I’ll be releasing the quarterly Midseason Musings (this time it’ll be for Winter 2018)! But since I’ve already started doing weekly reviews on the shows I’m following, I figure this will look like a downscaled version of that particular feature. Oh, well.

Posting Schedule

I’m hoping to post at least 4 – 5 times a week. I’m aiming for a Blogging Editorial post on Mondays, a Top 5 list post on Tuesdays, a Weekly Review post (Side A) on Thursdays, a Weekly Review post (Side B) on Sundays, and some sort of seasonal post on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. No guarantees, though.

That’s all, folks!

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