Yet Another Sudden Announcement!

Well, I found a job. I start tomorrow.

That means a lot less time to blog and check Twitter (but let’s be honest, I’m terrible at keeping up with people’s Tweets. Have half a mind to unfollow a lot of the Love Live! artists so I can actually interact with my fellow anibloggers).

I have 3 Top 5 Lists posts queued up this Tuesday, the next Tuesday, and the next next Tuesday, but other than that (and a floating collab post I finished over a month ago), my drafts are empty.

2018-02-24 (10).png
That’s not entirely true. I just have a bunch of incomplete thoughts.

Hopefully I can be more disciplined and start making use of the “Schedule-a-Post” feature, but I’m not entirely confident I can. I’ll try my best to keep producing consistent content while I’m working a 6-to-4, but no promises, okay?

Since I will no longer have the luxury of lying around all day, I also decided to record and upload a few covers yesterday. They’re all pretty flawed and I didn’t really project my voice well, but I’m happy I actually uploaded songs after such a long time. A shame that none of the covers are from seasonal anime, though.

No worries if you don’t listen to them.


Oh, well. My days as a wage slave have begun.

56 thoughts on “Yet Another Sudden Announcement!

  1. Congrats on the job! Twitter is also a great way to connect with other anibloggers. If you’re loathe to unfollow Love Live artists, why not just create a separate list for them so you can easily see them in one spot?

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  2. Congratulations! But real life getting in the way of aniblogging? Are you sure it’s worth it? 😛

    And about Twitter, I often feel the same. I recently disabled retweets on my timeline for all my follows because the main focus of Twitter for me has always been to get to know those folks. Since I made the change, I’ve been far better able to keep up with their lives.

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  3. Congratulations!! I hope your job goes well! I’m sure people will understand. There are those of us who have full time jobs and do this and sometimes it’s hearder to keep up with it than others.. people seem pretty understanding though!

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  4. Welcome to the working world!

    I like your voice. Just so you know I’m being honest, might I suggest your more baritone and base then you are tenor? I would love to see what your voice sounds like on a lower scale, in order to better assess this.

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  5. Welcome to the club of juggling your work and blogger life XD. Great voice btw. You should start a Youtube channel and I’ll your first sub and fan!!

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  6. Congrats on the job! While they can be a pain and get in the way of the things you want to be doing, they put money in your pocket that lets you do those things you want to do when you actually have some free time 🙂 Hope it all goes well for you.

    Nice work on the songs, too. Is that you tinkling the ivories as well as singing?

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    1. Well said. Thank you!!

      Hmmm my skill with piano is simply too rusty and unrefined. Although I’ve done a single piano+vocal cover (many years ago) which should be coming up in a post that’s scheduled for next week, it’s not exactly stellar. But thank you.

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  7. Best of luck with your job! I’m sure you’ll do just fine if you put as much dedication into it as you do with your writing. You’ll get used to the change in schedule soon enough and find a way to blog around it in time, so go easy on yourself while you’re getting used to taking this big step. Just let it inspire you and your future posts 😊

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  8. Good luck on your new job nii-san!
    Don’t stress out about posting too much but don’t disappear either!
    Also sleep!

    More songs from nii-san, much awaited I’ll give feedback soon (if you’d like hehe)

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  9. Excellent work with the new job 🙂 Don’t worry about how this will impact your blogging: once you settle in to your new schedule, you’ll figure out how to best make things work and find a new rhythm that suits things.

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  10. That is just awesome news man! Congratulations 😊🎉🎉😊😊 Don’t worry about the blog at all. Even if you would post only once a year, I would keep following you anyway!. Seriously happy for you: good luck tomorrow, you can do it!

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