Monthly Update # 17 | March 2018 – Winter 2018 Anime Series Reviews, Spring 2018 Preview Post, Visual Novels, ETC

Two months down already?! 2018 is moving fast!

Well, I’m still sort of struggling to get into the rhythm of things. If real life forced people to clap along to some retro game music, then I would definitely be at least several beats behind.

But I digress.

Winter 2018 Anime Series Reviews

The current anime season is on its final stretch, which means the Winter 2018 series which only received a single cour are getting close to wrapping up. That in turn means I’m supposed to write out several series reviews.

But is that really what the people want?

I’m still sitting on the fence. Chain-link, you know. It’s shaking because I’m a fidgety person. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not sure if I should write up series reviews. It’s very likely that I’ll just suck it up and do it as usual (and revisit series I had dropped during the season). Guess we’ll have to see.

Spring 2018 Preview Post

With the “death” of a season comes the birth of another.

I’m actually rather clueless about the shows which are expected to come out during Spring. It’s past 3 a.m. over here and I don’t feel like consulting a chart. That horse girl anime and Tokyo Ghoul: re come to mind…? The latter is going to cause some tidal waves and I’m wondering if I should be opportunistic given that I’ve read the source material. Hm.

Expect this post to come out during the weekend.

Visual Novels

So far, I am planning to spend most of my weekends playing through visual novels. That’s what happens when someone is forced to be productive during the week – they hole up during the weekend, yikes!

I might try to come up with a beginner’s guide to (yuri) visual novels, but no promises.


I’m actually so disappointed that I don’t have any ideas in mind right now. Maybe I can try my hand at more satire or something.

Right now I’m sort of practicing the meek and bashful look I’m going to give the security guard for not turning in my parking permission slip thing yet. I’ll try to get that in on Friday. Printing out things is such a pain.

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