Winter 2018 Anime on Tinder

I come up with strange ideas sometimes.

To be fair, I’ve been thinking about this idea for many months. At least since May 2017. So I’m just naturally strange, I guess.

Anyways, the idea I had was “What if seasonal anime were on Tinder and viewers could swipe left or right?”

You all hopefully know what Tinder is. If you don’t, then look it up!

Unfortunately, I only made fake Tinder profiles for a handful of shows since it’s really late and spending hours playing around in Microsoft Paint when I should be sleeping doesn’t seem like a good idea. I also didn’t bother with the photo navigation buttons that are on the bottom of each picture, didn’t include the “Report ______” button, and didn’t use enough emojis, which are a crucial part of Tinder culture. Then again, superficiality and uneven positions of power are also defining aspects of Tinder culture, so maybe it’s for the best that I picked and chose a bit.

It’s not my best work, but I hope you can enjoy the following Tinder profiles. If the reception is good, then I’ll try my hand on other series, too!

hakata tonkotsu ramens.png
The only one with emojis, unfortunately.
sora yori mo.png
I’m sad that I couldn’t include all 4 girls in this picture. Not that Shirase was in the original picture to begin with.
mitsuboshi colors.png
Sat-chan? Where’s Sat-chan?!
pop team epic.png
Sometimes you find crazy people on Tinder.
death march.png
Not sorry in the slightest. FIGHT ME.

41 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Anime on Tinder

  1. Ooh, those are great. My favourite is Pop Team Epic. The show in a nutshell.

    (I had to look up what Tinder is, but I guessed correctly.)

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  2. You come up with the best ideas nii-san XD

    While I have to admit I wasn’t sure what Tinder was, I caught on pretty quick.
    Can you do the next set?

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  3. Great post! I actually might have to recreate this myself and give you credit for the idea. It would be fun to see what other people would come up with XD

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    1. I’m considering doing another installment, which means Darling in the FranXX will be featured. But maybe next week. I’m a bit worried people will get bored of this really quickly.

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      1. It would be kind of cool if next season you just featured one show a week with their Tinder profile, though you wouldn’t really be able to do that until the shows had done at a few episodes because otherwise they wouldn’t be very reflective. Still, these are really fun to read and a good laugh.

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        1. Hmmm. Yeah, I’ll have to wait at least a few weeks into the season. Didn’t consider doing one every week, though, so thanks for the suggestion.

          Still will probably put out a Part 2 for Winter 2018 since I do feel like I left out some of the juicier shows by having such a short list.

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          1. The other thing you could do, if you didn’t want to stick to seasonal, is ask your readers to suggest a perfect match for a show that you’ve given a profile of. I’m sure they’ll come up with some interesting profiles of other shows of their own.

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