Spring 2018 Anime Preview

Which series will The Lily Garden be following next season? Read on and find out!

Sorry that this is coming out so late, by the way. Real life is tough! I’m stuck at level 1 in that game!

Et tu, Yui?!

Anyways, I’ll be doing what I did last season and will be watching shows other than just the potential yuri series. That means this post is going to be long, so hang on! Good thing I’m making it a bit easier to read by providing sloppy summaries, right?

Shows that started in Winter 2018

Darling in the FranXX

Silly mecha show that alternates in keeping me barely somewhat interested and making me feel depressed due to its lack of subtlety. I want answers and I ain’t getting any so far, which is really frustrating!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen

Very episodic and formulaic. It works, but it can come across as slightly boring. Much like with Darling in the FranXX, I am also not receiving any answers to my chagrin. Still, I do like the show, but it’s pretty dependent on the nostalgia factor to retain viewers.

Shows that I should be watching but won’t be

Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season

Well…I already read the manga and my schedule is going to be kind of busy. For me, at least. Maybe some of you all follow more shows than I do. That’s great if you do! But for me, I don’t really feel compelled to watch the third season of Boku no Hero Academia. Call me a hipster if you’d like!

Shows that are or are potentially yuri

Comic Girls

Summary: 4 girls live together in a dormitory as they attend school and work as manga-ka (as in they write and draw manga series that are published in magazines).

Thoughts: High school manga-ka? The iconic duo in Bakuman weeps…

With that being said, the interactions between the girls (and a certain teacher) lean heavily towards the yuri side. I’d like to claim I was a genius for saying this manga series would eventually get an anime adaptation, but it was sort of obvious so I will!

Amanchu! Advance

Summary: Second season of Amanchu! which was a series about a shy, withdrawn, and depressed girl joining a diving club after moving out to the countryside.

Thoughts: I loved the first season so I’m really looking forward to this! Seems like there’ll be more (gay) characters, hooray!

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS

Summary: High school girls (and boys and people who are older or younger than high school students) play a high stakes children’s card game.

Thoughts: Well, this is the second season to Lostorage Incited WIXOSS, which in itself is a sequel to Selector Infected WIXOSS and its second season, Selector Spread WIXOSS. This probably goes without saying, but you probably shouldn’t watch this one before watching the ones that came before.

Expect nervous breakdowns, dramatic meltdowns, bouts of insanity, and ugly reaction faces. You like seeing the twisted side of humanity? Greed and malice and desperation being laid bare for all to see? Give this one a shot.

That name is something else, though.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Summary: Horsegirls run track.

Thoughts: Honestly don’t know much about this one. But the cast primarily consists of (horse)girls, which is usually a telltale sign of impending yuri. And who doesn’t like a little high school competition?

Tachibanakan Triangle / Tachibana-kan to Lie Angle

Summary: Natsuno Hanabi goes back to her hometown for high school, but she wasn’t expecting to be so popular with other girls…

Thoughts: This show will be openly yuri, apparently! I’m not sure which title is “official,” but if it’s Tachibanakan Triangle, then I’m guessing she gets into a love triangle? Seems like one of the girls is her childhood friend (the redhead). And there’s another love triangle, too? Some moments in the preview video are rather saucy, so I guess you should stay away from this if you don’t want to deal with nudity or watch suggestive, “trashy” shows.

The following video is sort of interesting in presentation (it’s basically like manga!), but it doesn’t show us anything when it comes to animation…

Lost Song

Summary: Two idols with magical singing powers perform during a time of war.

Thoughts: I’m having PTSD thinking back to Macross Delta. But I guess I’ll tentatively give this one a shot…

Oh, I almost forgot. Suzuki Konomi will be cast in her first major voice acting role as Rin! Please support the lovely anisong pop idol!

Aikatsu Friends!

Summary: Another Aikatsu series.

Thoughts: I haven’t actually watched any Aikatsu series yet. But if I start from the top, then I’ll probably never get around to doing it. Better late than never! Maybe I’ll become invested in Aikatsu after watching Aikatsu Friends! and I’ll watch all of the other series and spin-offs and sequels!

Mahou Shoujo Ore

Summary: A girl transforms into a bulky stud whenever she uses magical powers to save her crush (who happens to be a popular singer AND her best friend’s older brother).

Thoughts: I read a few chapters of this over a year ago. It’s primarily comedy (at least at first? I didn’t recognize some of the shadier side characters) and is an interesting take on the magical girl genre. Expect some messy love developments!

Hisone to Masotan

Summary: Socially awkward girl joins the military to maintain distance from others only to become a dragon pilot.

Thoughts: An original work by BONES. Seems like a story filled with YOUTH and PASSION. I don’t know much else about this.


Summary: 3 female bounty hunters particpate in sporting events.

Thoughts: Probably Keijo!!!!!!!! 2.0. I honestly don’t know, though.

[No video as of 3/9/2018]

Alice or Alice

Summary: A slice-of-life show revolving around a pair of twins and their older brother.

Thoughts: I’m…already sort of put-off by the sis-con brother, but I guess I’ll take a swing at it…

[No video as of 3/9/2018]

Mahou Shoujo Site

Summary: lol

Thoughts: I expect many people to be put off this series. There’s attempted rape, excessive bullying, and degenerate behaviour as a whole early on. It only gets more brutal.

Shows that are not yuri but still interesting

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Remember Tokyo Ghoul √A? Well, just slam your head against the wall until you forget about it since it was an entirely anime-original “sequel.” Tokyo Ghoul:re picks up from the canon ending for the manga of Tokyo Ghoul left off. Some interesting issues will be explored but I wonder if if the pacing will be ruined like in the original anime series. Expect some twists!

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Probably one of the funniest rom-com manga I’ve ever read. Please give it a shot!

Steins;Gate 0

Ugh. It’s been too long since I’ve watched Steins;Gate. Hopefully I won’t be lost when I start watching!

Piano no Mori

Never watched the movie but loved the manga. I hate a few characters but it’s moving stuff!

Which Spring 2018 shows are you looking forward to? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments section down below.

Thanks for reading.

19 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Anime Preview

  1. I generally don’t preview too much and just click start on whatever looks even remotely interesting. A quick look at what’s up revealed 2 shows that stand out from the others: Hisone to Masotan and Hinamatsuri.

    Uma Musume is PA Works. That gives me a pretty good idea on how it’ll turn out.

    There are way too many sequels and continuations, though. Also, an unprecedent nostalgia surge: Cutey Honey? Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake? Major? Captain Tsubasa? Lupin III? Continuation of Cardcaptor Sakura. I haven’t even seen some of those originals.


    1. I like your spontaneous approach!

      Mmm that’s fair. Certain studios have a certain way of doing things or presenting series.

      Wow, good point. 2018 is perhaps the year of nostalgia?


      1. Well, to be fair, Lupin III doesn’t count. There’s one just about every year or two. (For the same reason, I didn’t mention the obligatory Gundam.) But the trend’s started in 2017 already, the most obvious example being Kino, and I don’t think that’s the first. A lot of those shows came out of nowhere for me. I’d heard of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but Cutey Honey and Major? When did they plan this?

        I think the industry is re-inventing itself and looking back as much as forward.


  2. I want to watch the Wixoss series but I have no idea where to find the first two original seasons on any streaming services! Thanks for the run-down, there was a couple of shows I hadn’t heard about but will definitely be checking out now!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Funimation has the first two seasons on their website. For some reason it’s only titled “Selector” in their streaming catalog so if you search for “wixoss” you won’t find it, but if you search “selector” or go through their alphabetical listings, it’s there. Both seasons are under the same title.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I commented somewhere else (at Kawaii Paper Pandas, IIRC) pre-season lists keep coming out earlier and earlier every season, so you’re not late in my book. However, you’ve made me /even more/ tempted to keep my list on the down-low until it’s actually time to put it out (the last week of March or thereabouts)…

    Liked by 2 people

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