The Lily Podcast – Episode 1

To pad out the downtime for iNAP, I figured I’ll do some sort of solo podcast on the weekends.

For this week’s episode, I’ll be talking about the concept of a selfless character and the qualifications a show needs to pass in order to be considered yuri. Well, it’s not really talking but more like briefly touching upon said topics.

It’s kind of funny to hear my scripted opening precede lots of stammering and rambling, so there’s that. No editing was done and you can tell, woo. Hopefully I’m not whispering?

Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome!


14 thoughts on “The Lily Podcast – Episode 1

    1. Thanks, Leth!

      I’m glad you enjoyed listening to it. Will be trying to get much better!

      Mmm….you and Scott and Hazel (and me) had similar ideas huh? Would be really cool if you did!

      Thanks once again!

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  1. Just like Hazel, I was thinking of maybe trying something like this too. Not sure what it is yet. You are obviously braver then me for jumping into this. Good job by the way.

    I am not sure if I am a fan of the selfless/selfish character type. It always seems like they are so disconnected from other characters and flow of the anime itself, because they never can feel the flow of anime in general. They just feel off.

    As for Yuri, I never really thought about it so much. It’s not really my thing, but it all does the subtext of the scenes for me and whether or not it’s teasing or not. (Looking at you, Sound! Euphonium). Then again, it really does on who is watching the anime and how they feel about what they are watching.

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    1. I’m foolhardy and never think things through. But thank you. I also hope you give it a shot!

      Mmm I can see that, yeah. The disconnect associated with said character really can be jarring (yet interesting, in my opinion. Really depends).

      Yeaaaah a lot of things are just so situational that it almost makes discussion about said topics difficult. It’s hard to say one way or another without clashing against others who hold different opinions. But mmm good points!

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  2. Awww this is awesome Remy your doing this weekly. I’ll def listen every week. I have so not been caught up with darling the franxx lol. As for what I think something is yuri. Holding hands and such I don’t take as Yuri honestly. It’s the full profession of feelings each individual expresses said in a genuine sense. Yuzu from citrus currently right now is in a awkward spot if she truly sees Mei as a lover or step sister but I believe Yuzu feelings are geninue for Mei. Even if it started with Yuzu being vunerable in the beginning and mei doing as she saw fit. It’s grown from that and thats why I can consider seeing Mei and Yuzu as yuri in my eyes . Great first solo cast Remy XD

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    1. Thanks, Lita. I’ll try to keep at it every week! It’ll stay nice and short so hopefully it doesn’t chase people away haha.

      Aww, I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on Darling in the FranXX. Please catch up when you can, yeah?

      Mmm fair enough about yuri and Citrus. Their relationship is certainly different from how it started.

      Thank you for the kind words and for listening, Lita! c:

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  3. Remy! You beat me to it! I was thinking of having a solo show on the side, still playing with the idea!

    But great first episode! I think for me Yuri does have to have some kind of a explicit love interest. Romantic feelings have to be expressed otherwise it looks like regular skinship when girls hold hands.

    I guess that would also question well why can’t two boys hold hands and not have the connotation of more than friendship then right? Is that automatically a BL or shounen AI? What would be considered skinship for boys? Is skinship even appropriate for boys? Im staring to ramble now, sorry ;(

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    1. Oh I’m sorry Zel! Mmm that would be cool! I’d be for it if you do decide on doing it.

      Ah, thank you! And that’s fair. But what exactly is that line that separates romantic love and platonic love? Some shows consider moments that I would consider be framed as romantic in nature, but others have insisted said moments are only platonic. It really depends on personal opinion, I guess.

      Hmmm. From a Western male’s perspective, boys are not really used to being touchy-feely IRL. So seeing that sort of interaction in anime just makes them point towards yaoi/Bl/shounen-ai by default. I don’t really have good answers for your last two questions (nooo rambling is good), sorry. Not that my previous answers were anything but anecdotal. Thanks for stopping by and listening.

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      1. gosh, don’t be sorry at all! I’m glad you decided to go on your own, gives me the confidence to do it too. I didn’t mean it in a negative way. I just wasn’t sure I would know what to talk about, always self doubt and what not, yenno? So I’m really happy and proud that you went and did it yourself! 😀

        Also, very good question. What separates platonic vs.’re right that seems to be dependent on how others would view it. I mean, let’s be real, my obsession with free is based on inferred relationships haha. Thats a weird one too because as many connotations free! may make the viewers and the fandom believe, I can also see it as a really close brotherhood too and casting aside that fujoshi desire to see them together.

        also, yes i agree – in the western views boys aren’t depicted as such, and if they were it would point in the BL direction for sure. 🙂 Thanks for candidly answering my rambles! 😀 Looking forward to your next podcast!

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        1. Mmm I know what you mean. Thank you! I believe in you, too!

          Haha inferred relationships sure are great in my book. But they’re really divisive, too, and I can see why Free! can cause quite a split in regards to interpretation.

          Mmmm it’s usually how it is, yeah. Oh, it was my pleasure. Thanks!

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  4. I think the same thing I need for a show to be a yaoi, I need it to be explicitly stated. I think that’s why I can’t really believe yuri on ice is a BL title, because they just went to so much trouble to not say it. If girls hold hands I don’t really think much about it. If maybe it’s pining then I get it, it’s probably girls love but I won’t really consider it yuri unless they confess or if one of the girls explicitly states she likes her friend (or whomever) as more than just a friend. Like romantic feels. I guess I don’t like the uncertainty of not explicitly stating you like the same gender, if you don’t say it, it can be taken for just being friends and that upsets me @_@

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