The Lily Podcast – Episode 2

Well, if you want to listen to me talk about Yuru Camp and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, then here’s your chance.

The problem is you have to listen to me talk.

I don’t really say anything profound here, admittedly, but it’s nice and short so I’m hitting that niche group of people who want to hear someone talking about anime but only for a short while. Maybe one day I can have this velvety voice and people will want to fall asleep listening to me whine about characters or something.

At any rate, this episode was about the importance of the main characters in anime. I first talk about Nadeshiko and Rin. And then I talk about poor Mari / Kimari.

Anyways, questions, comments, and concerns are welcome as always.

Hopefully I’m not whispering or sound too weird.

I should really get some music into this. Maybe do some cover of a popular song. Well, we’ll have to see next week. Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “The Lily Podcast – Episode 2

    1. Thank you, Karandi. I’m glad it was still enjoyable for you to listen to. Listening to your experimental weekly anime round-ups is always great, too. You’re sounding a lot more comfortable on the mic now.

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