Comic Girls Episode 2 Review – “Shopping Spree and High School Woes”

Essentially, the episode is split into two parts. In the first half, the girls go out to look at manga, eat crepes, and buy manga art supplies. In the second half, the girls start attending school again since Golden Week is now over (I’m led to believe that Koyume and Kaos moved into the dorm during the national week-long holiday).

But to end the post there would be lazy. So here are some pictures capturing most of the important events/moments in the episode along with my opinions/thoughts.

First of all, I have to stress, again, that Comic Girls is delightfully gay. Just look at the OP! The first shot of the opening song is of a lily!

The girls also behave rather suspiciously. Frankly, Koyume acts really chummy towards Kaos, but we all know that’s a ruse since she’s head over heels for Tsubasa. Still, it’s nice to see that Kaos is so close with Koyume (and the others).

What a beautiful flower.
The Koyume x Kaos ship is distracting, but it’s not the OTP!
Tsubasa does act like a hyperactive little boy when she gets excited. Koyume considers Tsubasa to be really cute when she acts like this.

That being said, I don’t particularly care for Koyume x Tsubasa. Tsubasa seems way too aloof (with that being said, Tsubasa really is cool and I can’t fault Koyume for crushing on her) and Koyume…just seems to have the wrong ideas when it comes to romance. Or at least ideas with which I disagree.

In this particular episode, she wants to get the same pens and tools that Tsubasa uses as a means for her to feel like she’s closer to her crush. But when you think about it, that sort of logic is silly. You want to be like a clone of your crush so she notices you? That’s weird!

Okay, okay, I admit I’m using some logical extremes. Koyume doesn’t want to be an exact clone of Ruki, of course, but I think it’s just better for Koyume to be herself. Get Ruki to notice you for you, girl! Plus maybe the tools Tsubasa uses don’t suit you.

Then again, Tsubasa is a more experienced manga-ka and actually does try to teach Koyume a few techniques. And then sometimes people will reject other’s advances by saying something along the lines of “We have nothing in common.”

In other words, Koyume’s behaviour makes sense but I’m personally not a fan since it seems so one-sided. Maybe you disagree!

Have some agency, Koyume!
Love how Kaos, Koyume, and Tsubasa doodled in this art supply store/building. Also looks like Kaos is supporting Koyume x Tsubasa according to the drawing!
I have to admit, Tsubasa was very cool in this episode.
I love it when the eyecatch is drawn in a different artstyle. Sorry for leaving out last week’s.

As mentioned earlier, the girls return to school during the second half. Turns out that Tsubasa is very popular and that people are spreading rumours about Ruki due to her keeping her occupation as a manga-ka a secret. In fact, all of the girls try to keep their jobs under wraps. Who knows if they’ll be successful until the very end?

Kaos fails to realize she has the power of cuteness on her side whereas Ruki is more along the lines of being pretty and Tsubasa is cool. Your mileage may vary; I’ve heard people call Kaos annoying.
To be a manga-ka is to be misunderstood by your peers.

We do get introduced to Nijino-sensei, who seems to be one of those stiff, straitlaced teachers. But at least she kept the ribbon from the looks of it, huh?

Unfortunately, Koyume is by herself whereas Kaos gets to chill with Ruki and Tsubasa.

Kaos’ introduction to the class is a mess, but a funny one. This was just a funny episode overall and I’m impressed with its comedic timing thus far. See what can happen when the studio stops reaching for the low-hanging fruit?

Beautiful yet strict.
Koyume rises to the challenge and increases Nijino-sensei’s level by at least 10 points.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder…!
I have to admit, the humour in this episode was on-point for me.
Is Kaos…us? Watching tons of anime shows or reading manga series featuring mostly girls… she has such good taste!

I guess I’m more interested in Ruki’s dynamic with Kaos since Ruki is the aggressor compared to Koyume in regards to Tsubasa. Ruki is just so openly affectionate towards Kaos that it’s…fluffy. Seeing them act like this is heartwarming. Tsubasa, on the other hand, keeps her distance for the most part. I guess that’s also cool (heh), but I still prefer the “honest” love (!) between Ruki and Kaos.

Ruki getting clingy with Kaos. This is surely the OTP. Meanwhile Tsubasa draws while people-watching.
Mmmmmmm thank you, sir! N-no, wait…
More gay girl hugs is good in my book.
Ruki. Tsubasa. Don’t feel bummed about not having boyfriends, okay? Ruki has Kaos and Tsubasa has Koyume. See, it all works out!
The girls learn of Kaos’ hidden passive: Animal Magnet.
I really do like the manga paneling in this series. It just fits so well. Here Ruki is rightfully observing that Kaos is mad cute.
Crybaby meets crybaby cat.

So far the series continues to satisfy. More gay manga-ka next week, please!

Oh, and here are some of my favourite moments from the ED. Interesting that Tsubasa is wearing a night gown dress that has a shorter skirt compared to the rest. As a result, she appears slightly more masculine (a dress is still a dress) and sexy (Kaos and Koyume and many viewers would agree). But what do I know?





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