The Lily Garden Will Have Daily Content This Week

As a means to apologize for disappearing last week after Wednesday. Real life was really rough.

Also, I’m sorry about not publishing the post for The Lily Podcast sooner, but it’ll be out at the usual time Monday posts usually pop out (4 AM PST = 7 AM EST = 12 PM UTC).

Not really much to say, I guess. I’m sad that my monthly numbers are down compared to that of last month’s, but it’s probably because I didn’t do series reviews for the Winter 2018 shows. I got sucked into a video game as all of those shows were ending and then I felt like I missed my chance to say what I wanted to say, haha.

Hopefully I can get all of these posts pre-planned and scheduled so I can spend my time after work playing yuri visual novels. I guess we’ll see.

Still gotta catch up on blog posts, as usual. But what else is new?

16 thoughts on “The Lily Garden Will Have Daily Content This Week

  1. April is usually my highest traffic month, because reasons. But I did episodic reviews last year which added a good bit to the stats and this year I have some runoff from the Ancient Magus’ Bride coverage.

    Don’t sweat the numbers, Remy. Just keep your good work.

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    1. Amen. Being a slave to the numbers is the road to clickbait! 🙂 I find it quite interesting seeing the natural ebb and flow over time, and I rarely deliberately chase high viewing figures, even though I know timely (occasionally contentious) commentary on some sort of controversy can usually, reliably cause a spike.

      So far as those natural ebbs and flows in my own figures go, turns out people really really really want to know about advanced sex simulators. Go figure.

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      1. Nothing drives click rates like controversy, but it usually runs against the open minded atmosphere I try to promote. I like to think my core audience is of similar mind.

        Yours sounds interesting, though 😛

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        1. Yeah, I’m not really a fan of doing it either, but some stuff just makes me want to say “something”, for all the good it does (and sometimes I feel people kinda “expect” me to say something). I much prefer writing about sex sims and pretty girl games. :3

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