Top 5 Inanimate Objects in Anime

Here’s yet another controversial list considering how there are so many inanimate objects in anime.

But one of my regular visitors, Dawnstorm, requested this list a few months ago so here it is! Thank you for leaving such thought-provoking comments!

Before we get started, I just want to remind you that this list is just my opinion and you’re definitely allowed to disagree. I’d be really surprised if someone completely agreed with my opinions, anyways. They would either be on my wavelength or they would be trying to butter me up…

But I digress.

Yuru Camp – Pinecone-chan


The fact that Pinecone-chan had a voice was both surprising and endearing. However, it also holds Pinecone-chan back in this particular list since inanimate objects shouldn’t have voices. Well, I’ll make an exception for her this time…

Anne Happy – Sign-kun


Even though I care very little for Anne Happy, I have to admit it’s pretty impressive for a construction site sign to seduce a fair maiden. He’s got some moves!

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – P-chan


Cutest girl gets the cutest weapon. Calling the FN P90 “P-chan” is a good idea, anyways. So many extra numbers and letters if you don’t.

Clannad: After Story – Plushie-san


D’awwww, a little kid feels closer to her mommy by hugging her mom’s Dango plushie. It’s even got her mom’s scent. Isn’t that heartwarming?

Compared to a more recent show which had a high school girl smelling someone else’s clothes, this is a lot more wholesome. Not that the other show is anything short but great, but I digress.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – The Rabbit’s Foot


What else can I say? I love how it first made an appearance back in episode 1. I love how a (magical) girl named (Hardgore) Alice quickly snagged this item when it became available. I love how it plays a big part in the final moments of this horrific war. Now that’s an inanimate object that was very much a big deal.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your favourite inanimate objects in anime!

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Inanimate Objects in Anime

  1. Pinecone-chan!
    All swords in any manga for me, but I guess that’s cheating hm?
    Umm… how about…. the volleyball from Haikyuu?
    Pretty lame… but I’m drawing blanks right now ugh.

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  2. An interesting list once again, and I return. For a moment at least. (Too busy to check many things right now very actively.)

    My personal top spot would probably go to the Lost Logia (though a broad category) from Nanoha not only because favoritism, but also because they’re basically the reason anything happens in the series in the first place/the things that set the series’ plot in motion, in more than one season, even.

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    1. Though I could clarify mainly the Lost Logia that don’t tread the line between inanimate and animate, those bing mainly the Jewel Seeds and Relics (season 1 and 3 respectively), as the Book of Darkness from season 2 is technically sentient to a degree at least and thus could be considered “animate”.

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    2. Lost Logia are a great choice. I thought about Raising Heart for one of my picks, but since Raising Heart does have a consciousness (despite being an object) and can think independently in a limited fashion, it didn’t feel quite in the spirit of the list.

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  3. Since I’m a Spice and Wolf enthusiast, I’m gonna have to mention Lawrence/Holo’s sack of wheat, which smells overwhelmingly of love.
    And I actually really like the P-chan name which should become a thing in counter-strike. (Petition to Valve) XD

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  4. I dropped Anne Happy after two episodes, and I still liked that sign.

    Anyway, what a fun topic! As expected of Dawnstorm. Off the top of my head, I’ll go with these: Geetah (Yui’s guitar) from K-On. Ayu’s backpack from Kanon. The Egg from Angel’s Egg. Hitomi’s pendant from Escaflowne. And Aoi’s souvenir staff from Encouragement of Climb (you’ll understand when you watch the series). Of course, I’m sure I’ll think of five more as soon as I post this.

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    1. Sign-kun is too likeable.

      Right? There are a lot of great inanimate objects in anime.

      That’s an excellent list (I’ll really have to watch Encouragement of Climb)!

      Ahh, I don’t blame you. I felt really restricted with only having 5 to mention for this topic, haha.

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  5. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Thank you for following up on this. I always wanted to see something like this. And that’s a great list too. I immediately connect with 4 out of 5. (I’m not watching SAO this season, I’m unlikely to think fondly of a cutified weapon, but who knows? Context does matter.)

    I really like the show Anne Happy, and the inclusion of Sign-kun is excellent. I don’t think I’d ever have thought of that myself, but it’s perfect.

    I’m not even sure what my top 5 would be. It would likely involve the “Magic Hand” from Working, Yamada the rock from Minami-ke, and the vibrating chair from Hanasaku Iroha. But that’s only 3, and there are probably tons I’m forgetting (like Sign-kun).

    Again, thank you for doing this. I’m going to keep checking this thread for comments (I’m having fun reading them, too).


    1. Ooh, got two more to round out a top 5 (accuracy pending):

      Asebi Inoue’s hat (Ben-to) and Imai Hotaru’s Escargot Home (Gakuen Alice) [it’s a portable retreat for introverts in the shape of a snail; if you want them you can open a door by inserting coins]). I explained the latter because it’s hard to google.

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        1. Heh, I didn’t do the Escargot Home justice. For once, I should maybe have said mobile rather than portable (it doesn’t seem to move on its own, but it also looks sort of heavy to carry). When I said “for introverts”, I maybe should have said “for Imai Hotaru”. And she made it herself, very likely for the sole purpose of messing with her beloved but annyoingly clingy best friend Sakura Mikan.

          Imai’s a genius inventor and her inventions are great. The very first thing you see in the show is her Snapturtle Mail, and it sold me on the show within a few seconds.

          [****Lots of entertaining replies!!!****]


    2. No problem, Dawnstorm!

      (That’s fair. P-chan needs to win our hearts over and maybe the inclusion of P-chan was a bit hasty. Thank you for the nice words regarding the list as a whole, however)

      Sign-kun is amazing regardless of one’s opinion of Anne Happy, I’d say!

      Those are 3 good choices!

      It was my pleasure (yes, it seems like people have a lot to say about inanimate objects in anime).

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