The Lily Podcast Episode 6 Will Be Delayed + Other News

Well, delayed until Tuesday, at least.

Usually I have the episode at least recorded and ready to go by Sunday evening, but that simply isn’t feasible this week given that I have to go to work very early tomorrow since I need to see the doctor to address some bleeding that has been, um, ongoing for nearly a year. Very irresponsible of me, I know. Maybe the diagnosis won’t be too bad.

Having a somewhat consistent schedule was fun (and stressful), but I really, really think I need to get back to playing and reviewing yuri visual novels. I actually feel terrible that this was how I ended a week that was supposed to be provide daily content, by the way. Sorry.

I can guarantee a Top 5 List post every Monday at the very least (excluding tomorrow, however, since it’s late and I have nothing). Hopefully I can churn out other content in addition to weekly visual novels, but no guarantees.

Lastly, I tried to cover the ED for SAO GGO (otherwise known as the ending song for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, “To See the Future”). And no, the piano work isn’t by me (no time to caress the ivory lately). My skills with the piano have really declined these days, anyways, haha. If you want to challenge your tolerance for bad singing, then give it a listen. Thanks in advance!

I hope you all have a wonderful week~

11 thoughts on “The Lily Podcast Episode 6 Will Be Delayed + Other News

  1. Do the things you love at your pace Remy! We’ll be here to support you with virtual hugs and words of encouragement :))
    Take care of your health, that comes first!

    PS: The cover is still pretty okay (lol, how is it intolerable, sounds cute), and what matters is that you enjoy it! (and show off your awesome voice more!)

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    1. Thank you! Virtual hugs and worss of encouragement are always so reassuring!

      Ehhh my healthy, huh? Fiiiiine.

      PS: thank you! (Hmmm might not be okay for a grown man to try to sound cute though haha. Well its more of a matter of my voice being too low). I do enjoy it ane hope to get better (I’ll try!! Thanks once again)

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  2. I listened to the cover, and you weren’t kidding! I respect that you had the bravery to put it up there though. I know I sure can’t sing and I would never do that!

    I really love podcasts and listen to them all the time, so I’ll have to check the episodes out. Is there any reason why episode 4 has so many soundcloud listens in contrast to the others?


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