The Lily Podcast Episode 6 – Current Seasonal Recommodations

In this episode I talk about my top 3 shows for the Spring 2018 anime season, discuss my 2 flawed favourites, and share my thoughts on a series that has people split.

And then I talk about what keeps me going in life by providing 10 reasons.

kimchisama’s post (the origins of the My Reasons Why tag):…u-followers/

Irina’s post:

Questions, comments, and concerns are appreciated as always.

Thank you for bothering!

5 thoughts on “The Lily Podcast Episode 6 – Current Seasonal Recommodations

  1. Figured I wouldn’t worry so much about the backlog and just listen to this one since I had some time during lunch.

    Briefly: I like this! I wasn’t aware of the opinions of yuri purists regarding Uma Musume Pretty Derby, interesting to think about how people perceive these things.

    Also I’m pretty much in agreement with you on Steins;Gate 0. I need to catch up, but I’m interested to see where it’s headed.

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    1. Oh, wow, thanks for listening.

      Mmm it’s off-putting to me at least. Maybe others disagree but I don’t know…

      Oh, I’m glad to hear we’re of the same mind in regards to Steins;Gate 0. Yeah, same here. Guess we gotta wait and see.

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      1. I’ve since had a chance to listen to your other shows and I like what you’ve been doing here. I don’t know if it’s the recording quality or just the natural sound of your voice, but it’s quite pleasant to listen to.

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