Monthly Update #19 | May 2018 – Top 5 Lists, Visual Novel Reviews, Fanfics

A quarter of the year is now gone, folks.

I forgot to show March’s Top 5 posts for April’s Monthly Update post, but here are the Top 5 posts from April.

april 2018.png

I basically just coasted on content that I had previously published in earlier months.

Darling in the FranXX is one of the more popular shows that are currently airing so it makes sense why people checked the post out. Maybe I should continue updating the post.

Houseki no Kuni was another popular series from 2017, so I’m not too surprised. I’m a bit embarrassed people are still clickin’ on this since I didn’t write anything innovative.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho was yet another popular series from last season, but this post received more traffic than it would have due to OG-Man’s help. Thank you!

You and I already know, but Watanabe You is the most popular girl in Aqours. No wonder she received the most amount of hits this month.

We’re still hoping to find out the identity of the lucky girl who’s dating Nadeshiko from Oomuroke / Oomuro-ke. For some reason people are drawn to something I wrote up when I was a young blogger which is nice yet somewhat embarrassing. It’s probably because it got posted on a few subreddits.

So for May, I’m planning on releasing weekly Top 5 Lists. Aside from The Lily Podcast episodes coming out sometime around the weekend, that’s about it for planned content. Whenever I have an idea I’ll whip up an editorial, but I can’t promise I can get one out every week. I will certainty try to do so, though.

The reason why I’m dialing down the frequency of my posts is because I really want to play through and review yuri visual novels. There are so many of them out there! I know this might be disappointing for people who only follow my blog for anime content and I apologize. But I do care a lot about visual novels, too. My very first blog post was about a visual novel! Hopefully you all understand where I’m coming from. I hope to have a visual novel review out before Monday.

Lastly, I just wanted to announce that I’ll be trying to write some fanfiction for Aqours, Shirobako, Princess Principal, and Comic Girls. Not in that order. I’m having a poll to determine the order right now!

So please vote on Twitter.

That’s all for now, everyone.

Thanks for reading~

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