My 5 Best Spring 2018 Anime OPs

This list is inspired by Cactus Matt’s personal 10 Best Anime OPs from Spring 2018. However, his tastes differ quite a bit from mine in some areas considering how some of my favourites are in his 10 Worst Anime OPs from Spring 2018 and vice versa (not that I’ll be writing a 5 Worst Spring 2018 Anime OPs list…).

Oh, in case if it isn’t clear, I’ll just be using vague terminology to describe music from here on. Not really in the mood to discuss animation and such (plus that would be an entirely list altogether, I believe). As a warning, I’m going to sound whiny and biased. If that bothers you, I’m sorry!

It’s already midnight over here so let’s get this done with so I can get some sleep!

5. “BREAK IN TO BREAK OUT” – Persona 5


Lyn’s voice is cool and powerful, but she loses me when she starts chanting out the song title since it becomes way too repetitive for my fickle tastes. Still, the way the song carries itself from the opening to the bridge/chorus is simply sleek and makes for fun listening thanks to the accentuated drum bits.

4. “Fatima” – Steins;Gate 0


Dynamic and over-the-top instrumentals paired with lyrics which could have been stolen right out of a lovestruck Yoshiko’s notebook (for those of you who are unfortunate enough to be missing out on the best school idol, Yoshiko sometimes acts like a hardcore chuunibyou), the song keeps you feeling both engaged and anxious from start to finish.

3. “Fiction” – Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii


Lively and upbeat, the song is very good at making me move my body in various in order to let everyone within the vicinity know that, yes, I am indeed listening to a cheerful song with wistful lyrics and that I feel fulfilled knowing this series is finally making it big after starting as a original content on pixiv so many years ago. I-It’s not like I cry while listening to this song, okay?

2. Make Debut!” – Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Solid idol music that makes you feel like you can do anything since it gets you fired up. I’m so happy that the song is being sung by the actual seiyuu in the show, too, since that adds a certain charm. In my opinion, at least. Never ever ever cried while listening to this particular tune, either.

1. “Crosswalk” – Amanchu! Advance


Emotional and beautiful. Who knew some piano, a few string notes, and a lovely voice was enough to make me fall in love? But sometimes less is more. Definitely didn’t ever cry while listening.

8 thoughts on “My 5 Best Spring 2018 Anime OPs

  1. I went to check Amanchu Advance’s op after reading how you described it – Totally agree with you, despite a different tune from Tamayura’s homely and fluffy songs, it still ignites the same warmth alike (And I was wondering what’s familiar about the repetitive tune in the first 4 seconds – turns out I likened it to a brief portion of ‘the hills are alive’ from The Sound of Music).

    Great selections! 🙂
    (Also pardon the read spam on your blog, as I’ll be visiting on what I missed)

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