Q+A for Upcoming 2nd Anniversary!

I guess I plan on posting Monday through Friday to celebrate The Lily Garden turning two next week (on May 22nd).

I’ll reeeeally need to be productive during the weekend, though, since I currently have nothing but ideas, haha. I’ll catch up on people’s blog posts during the weekend, too!

On Friday, May 25th, I’ll be answering any questions you all have sent me, so feel free to ask away! You can comment on this post or click on following link and ask that way.


Okay, that’s all, folks. I wished I could have provided some actual content but the stars didn’t align or something and it’s almost time for me to go to work.


16 thoughts on “Q+A for Upcoming 2nd Anniversary!

  1. Ohhhh noooooo I missed it!
    I’m still going to ask you a question though hmph.
    What’s your favourite part of blogging and bloggers remy-nii?


  2. Congrats on two years!

    Oh, I get to ask a question? Let’s see…

    What was the first Yuri VN you played that you really fell in love with, and do you think you would still enjoy it as much if you went back and played it again today?


  3. Wow, I guess I never thought about it, but it feels like you’ve been here for a lot more than 2 years.

    I’m just going to reuse the one I gave AstralGemini: who would your dream collab be with and what would it be about? If you’ve done your dream collab already, did that fulfil the expectations you had of the blogger you were working with? (I think you only have the one collab on blogger decorum with Irina, so this’ll be interesting…)

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