2nd Anniversary for The Lily Garden!

This post is going to be relatively short since I (involuntarily) fell asleep at 6 pm and I got up at 4:30 am and I have to leave for work at 5:30 am…

So here are my stats for the 2 years I’ve been blogging.

2018-05-22 (2)
I had started my blog at an awkward time. May 22nd is well into the Spring anime season so I felt like I couldn’t jump into writing seasonal anime content and waited until Summer 2016 to start writing about 3 series: Love Live! Sunshine!, New Game! and Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars (lame, the last one doesn’t have an exclamation point…)
2018-05-22 (1)
I guess this is the year where my blog started getting some notice. This was also the first time I did the 12 Days of Anime challenge!
And here’s this year. I basically came to accept that I constantly stray away from yuri and am more of a generalist who writes editorials, but I do want to be more focused on yuri in the future. Also gave in to doing tons of Top 5 Lists.

Here are my top viewed posts of all time.

may 22 2018 stats
I’m proud of a few of them, but disappointed in others.

Along the way, I’ve hit a few milestones. I hit 500 followers (the current count is 615 – shout-outs to all those of you who don’t follow the blog but still drop by, too!) and 100,000 hits. That’s all thanks to you all! Thank you for reading my content!! You’re the best!

T-that’s about it. If I had time, then I would praise and shout-out everyone but it’s 5:20 am now and I need to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful rest of the week!

I’ll try to be posting daily content throughout the workweek. So, uh, look forward to it, I guess.

I need to catch up on everyone else’s blog posts…

55 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary for The Lily Garden!

  1. Congratulations! I find some of those stats pretty demoralising however you deserve a lot of respect for getting them. Luckily for me my first year is very similar to your first year so I hope the trend continues for me! (Well actually my first year started on 27th of December but I can’t count that really). It’s weird though because my most viewed post has the same views as your most viewed posts, I guess I just got lucky!

    Sorry to analyse you’re stats like that, but I just think they’re interesting!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!

      Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t to demoralize anyone!

      Mmm gotta stay positive. Whoa, your first year can’t really count, you’re right.

      Hey, that’s awesome! I wouldn’t say you were just lucky. Congrats!!

      No problem at all!

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      1. No you didn’t demoralize me, now I’m just more determined to do better!

        I’ll just see how it goes and focus on enjoying my work mainly. Because who cares that much if you had fun?

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  2. Happy bloggiversary, Remy! I for one really like your generalist approach and I hope I can get disciplined enough to get some more editorials done myself. Hope to see lots of continued success for you.

    And props to you for being able to squeeze this out before work!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks, Weekend!

      Wow, that’s a relief. I really do feel a little disappointed that I stray so much but I’m glad you’re liking the editorials.

      Yes!!! I loved your editorials. Fingers cross for more of that.

      Yeah, it was brutal. I need to work on time management haha…


  3. Congrats dood! Keep on doing what you do well/whatever you feel like talking about most or enjoy. Here’s to many more years of blogging.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congrats on the anniversary! Always interested to see other people’s stats, I’m by no means a maths or statistics nerd or anything but I always find these insights interesting.

    I can never get my “by year” graph working in my WordPress dashboard! The stats work, though.

    Liked by 1 person

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