Comic Girls – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre(s): Slice-of-Life, Yuri

Aired: Apr 2018 – June 2018

Also known as: こみっくがーるず

Summary: Crybaby Moeta Kaoruko, or Kaos, moves into a dormitory along with three other high school manga-ka. While the other three are already professionals whereas Kaos is still struggling to remain become actually serialized, all four girls have their own personal struggles and problems which they attempt to overcome through self-improvement and friendship.

Review: Behold a series about dedication and hard work paying off given enough time and stubbornness.


Whether or not that statement rings true for you is very dependent on your perception on Kaos, who is more or less the protagonist. For most of the series the girl is, to put it bluntly, a little pathetic. But as the series progresses, Kaos’ growth is gradual yet evident. That in itself is enough to justify watching Comic Girls, I feel, since her journey was something beautiful to behold.

Be that as it may, it’s very very easy to wonder what does her editor and friends see in Kaos and question whether or not she should have been given a chance. Was their faith in the petite pink-haired girl a mistake? Guess you’ll have to watch and see~

I bear mixed feelings when it comes to the humour in the series, to be honest. On one hand, some of the quips and retorts and running gags are actually hilarious (in my opinion – humour is so subjective, after all). On the other hand, the fact that Kaos’ lack of height and development is highlighted and pointed out several times in the series feels a bit excessive. Nothing REMOTELY sexual occurs aside from Rukki and Koyume getting an eyeful of Kaos’ preferred panties on a particular evening.

However, that in itself is so mild that I feel a bit sheepish even mentioning this. Still, there were some complaints about that scene so I feel obligated to bring that up.


There’s also the typical nonconsensual female-on-female groping, but that’s basically been grandfathered into CGDCT series at this point so there’s no sense in complaining about what is to be expected. The way the characters get over their hang-ups regarding personal self-image is par for the course – genuine worry that is relatable to people real life but is treated relatively lightly and quickly resolved. But that’s fiction for you – don’t overthink things, hm?

Something that wasn’t taken lightly, however, was the yuri ships in Comic Girls. That was a very pleasant surprise! I think it’s rather clear that the ships are Tsubasa x Koyume and Rukki x Kaos, but the girls are all so affectionate towards each other that rare pairs are certainly possible to imagine and think about.


Lastly, this series is quite the visual treat. The backgrounds are beautiful, the characters’ expressions are vivid…there are even several instances of manga paneling that pop up here and again, which is rather fitting considering how these girls draw and write manga for their jobs.

tl;dr – basically a CGDCT classic. If you’re a fan of the genre then please consider giving it a shot! Hopefully you like crying, borderline useless protagonists, though, or you might get grow disinterested after the first few episode and miss out. Your faith and patience will be rewarded, I promise.


10 thoughts on “Comic Girls – Anime Series Review

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  2. ” Kaos is still struggling to remain serialized”

    Nit: Kaos was struggling to *be* serialized, that’s why the one-shot guest appearance that drove the plot of the last ep was such a big deal – she’s finally been able to climb the first rung of the ladder. Whatever else happens, she’s finally a published mangaka.

    Otherwise, I pretty much agree with you.


    1. Did you forget what happened in the opening scene in the very first episode? Kaos freaking out over her editor reading the comments provided in the survey results? Or how she bonded with Koyume over how cruel yet on-point readers could be when it came to critiquing their artstyles?

      Be that as it may, the important part is that Kaos was failing at being a manga-ka in the beginning of the series.

      Good to hear!


      1. Nope, I did not forget. Surveys don’t mean “serialized”, they mean “appeared in the magazine”. Not being serialized is why getting a guest spot was such a Very Big Deal. Not being serialized is why, Ruki and Best Girl Tsubasa, she never had a deadline until the final episode.


          1. Yes, I learned that I could have expressed my point (that Kaos progressing enough to get serialized was the point of the whole series) better… And that I should not post or reply when it’s late and I’m very, very tired.

            My sometimes impulse to post/reply NOW got the better of me.

            Maxima mea culpa, and my apologies.


          2. To be fair, I was asking for it in my response. So I’m down to just forget this happened. Again, it was educational.

            I can relate. I’m going to be catching up on a lot of things tonight/today. After all you warned me about burning out, it seems like that sort of happened, haha.

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  3. This was a most wonderful show with an adorable and sexy cast who each had relatable struggles that could be applied to other occupations besides mangaka.

    Poor KAOS had a rough journey but that was the point, to show everyone that no matter how difficult things get if what you are pursuing is something you believe you can succeed at with all your might then do not give up and eventually you may succeed like KAOS did.

    Also the yuri was splendid but you don’t need me to state the obvious.


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