Monthly Update #21 | July 2018 – Anime Expo 2018, Collabs, Summer 2018 Anime, Visual Novels

Lately I haven’t had time for anything at all.

So I’m sorry I’ve been sluggish and unresponsive. I want to write more but maybe I’m a bit burnt out. Hm.

On a more positive I’ll be attending Anime Expo. I’ll also be trying my hand at cosplay for the first time, maybe. I’ve chosen a bit of a daring cosplay to try but we will see if I’m brave enough to do it. The only issue is that the wig is coming in late (I had wanted it to come in by 7/3 but it’s coming in 7/5) and the rest of the costume is coming in even later (7/6). Ahhh that only leaves 7/7 for me to try it out, huh? Oh, well…

I have a few collabs that should be coming out later this month. Look forward to that~

Um, it’s late but I’ll try to whip up a post that takes a sneak peek at the Summer 2018 shows I’m interested in. I’m moving on from Spring 2018 even though I failed to cover a lot of the good shows which were yuri or borderline yuri. Sorry, but I think everyone else is moving on, too. Most of us are just consumers who only care about the present, after all.

Finally, lots of good visual novels have come out recently so I need to make some time to play through and review them. I was hoping to play through a few and write about them before AX happened, but there’s no way I can make it at this rate…

Ah, I’m just a collection of broken promises. I’m sorry.

Thanks for reading.

21 thoughts on “Monthly Update #21 | July 2018 – Anime Expo 2018, Collabs, Summer 2018 Anime, Visual Novels

  1. As someone who has just been back after a nearly two month hiatus all I can say is that there is nothing at all to feel sorry about. You just focus on getting things back on track. I can only say it’s always a delight to see a post from you! So…hang in there, and you have fun at the Anime Expo. I hope you will have a great time! Take care 😊😊

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  2. “Hey! You!

    Yes You!

    Don’t cut yourself over the broken shards!
    What are you doing? Here, you need some soft gloves 🧤🧤 if you are going to collect them~”
    Don’t worry Remy, take it easy, don’t reproach yourself. It may be important to live in the moment, but good stuffs are always appreciated no matter how old they are 🙂
    Have lots of fun and make the most of your cosplay experience!! :))

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  3. I can totally relate to the business and burn out issue you’ve been having, so don’t worry about it! You’re not alone!

    Have a wonderful time at AX. I wish I could be attending this year, but being not from America makes it a little hard…

    Looking forward to the later things when they come!

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  4. Hang in there Remy, sounds like you’re going through a tough time in terms of mental wellbeing right now. I hope you feel better soon, we’re all looking forward to seeing more posts from you soon 🙂 Have a great time at AX and good luck with the cosplay!

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    1. Thanks, Pete. Yeah, sorry about that. Hopefully that improves.

      AX has been mostly fun. It’s been so hectic that I haven’t been able to really respond to comments.

      Cosplay flopped, but thank you. I feel very behind with Summer 2018 starting already but I’ll try to catch up.

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