Five Things You Should Never Tell an Anime Girl

There are certain points of discussion that are simply out-of-bounds when you’re casually talking with an anime girl.

No, I’m not talking about girls who like anime. I’m talking about girls who are in anime. So…this list is admittedly both impractical and meaningless.

Still, if you want to reduce the chances that you upset an anime girl, this top five list is for you! Try to avoid saying these things to anime girls you’re not that close to, okay?

“You’re tall / short”

Height is a very big deal to some anime girls. If they’re petite, then it’s likely they’ve been told they’re childlike their entire lives.


If they’re taller than average, then it’s probable they’ve been constantly reminded of this fact by their peers. Sometimes these tall anime girls are likened to models; other times their femininity is trampled as they’re referred to as boys solely because of their height. It’s a mixed bag, really.


According to anime, school children are cruel and are fond of accentuating what sticks out. So do these anime girls a favour and try not to tell them something they’ve probably heard too many times.

“You’ve gained weight”

I think this one should go without saying. Anime girls are usually very conscious about their weight and / or body fat.


You definitely don’t want to be pulling at an anime girl’s love handles, either. It’s just really rude.

“Your breasts are ______________”

This should also go without saying. It’s sexual harassment!


Be that as it may, anime girls who, um, experience constant shoulder pains are often the butt of some tasteless boob jokes. Do them a solid and don’t reach for the low-hanging fruit, please?

On the other hand, don’t comment on a girl’s lack of potential shoulder pains, either. Society has likely conditioned her into thinking that bigger is better (which is not necessarily true, by the way). Being reminded she doesn’t fit in that sort of impersonal and unreasonable ideal is surely a sore spot for her. So be thoughtful!

“Your face is the same as __________________”

Look. It’s not their fault. These anime girls are just trying their best with the cards they were dealt. Blame the character designers if you must.


With that being said, their eyes are certainly different in regards to shape and colour. Maybe one of them has a beauty mark somewhere on her face, too? That’ll separate the best girl from the side characters for some fans for sure!

The point I’m trying to make is that there are minute differences that barely distinguish an anime girl from another anime girl. They’re not clones, alright?!

Speaking of which…

“You’re just a clone of _______ from _____________”

Unless if they’re specifically cosplaying or acting like an anime girl from another franchise on purpose, you should probably refrain from saying this to her.


These types of remarks imply that a single anime girl’s mannerisms and / or mindset establish the precedent and that all anime girls who are the slightest bit similar to “the original girl” is just shamelessly copying the template.

That really puts a damper on those anime girls who are too embarrassed to properly express their affection so they opt to lash out verbally or physically whenever the one they love messes something up instead, for instance.

Sure, tsunderes are cliché at this point, but not every tsundere is a clone of Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! if you can believe that. Then again, Kugimiya Rie used to be pigeonholed into voicing very similar roles…oh, wait, Shakugan no Shana came out first…

At any rate, anime girls might not even be aware they’re supposedly copies or clones of other anime girls. Don’t confuse them by bringing that up just because of a few shallow similarities!

Are there any other “taboo topics” you shouldn’t bring up when you’re talking with an anime girl? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this very important topic!

21 thoughts on “Five Things You Should Never Tell an Anime Girl

  1. This is a great list! And completely accurate! 😂😂 I can’t think of anymore, but these poor anime girls REALLY get picked on! Japan sure loves their extremes, as well. There are rarely just regularly built girls in anime, they are always super tall with no boobs, tiny with huge boobs, etc. Ha ha! I’m glad I don’t run into any anime girls… I’m too honest for my own good. I’d run into one of these tiny girls with huge boobs, gawk and say something like “how do you even stand up with those things?! That ain’t right! Share some with the rest of the world!!” 😂😂🍻

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  2. Can confirm, even telling a 3D girl she’s short with the added “that’s a compliment” is a poor decision that you will have to live with for… about 2 weeks, depending on your relationship.

    Your mileage may vary with Yuri-variety girls, but I am not sufficiently capable of being a lesbian to test this hypothesis…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like such a tricky situation. I’m sorry to hear.

      Hmmm I guess we’re going to have wait until we come across someone with field experience in that regard…


  3. Haha..this was a perfect post to read after a long day at work (with no working airconditioning…I am not kidding we worked in a 30 degress celcius environment today). So this post really made me laugh. Oh..and I agree with Jon too…best not to say this to real girls either lol 😂😂

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    1. I’m the wrong source to turn to if you want advice regarding long-term relationships.

      But, um, perhaps you should start operating under the assumption that she likes being degraded if she loves you even after you tell her she’s an clone of anime character.

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      1. But what if despite all of that, she remains a legit wife material?
        I’m not even joking but I somehow feel better about asking it to you people.

        My ‘family’hood is being tested here, man.


        1. Again, I’m really not the right source to ask considering my messy sexual history.

          If you really want to hear my advice, then I will offer you three simple “if-x-then-y” statements as code-of-conduct.

          If you’re that worried about it, then just imagine you kissing her.
          If the image of you two kissing doesn’t bother you, then proceed with courtship.
          If the image of you two kissing does bother you, then start treating her as a platonic friend and nothing more.

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