Monthly Update #23 | September 2018 – Regular Scheduling, Visual Novels, Personal Projects

We only have two-thirds of the year left! Time has sort of flew by for 2018, hasn’t it?

Before we go anywhere, here are my stats from August. I seem to forget to include these every other monthly update, sorry.


Considering I only posted 10 times last month, I think my numbers are pretty good. Well, actually, even bringing up numbers like this is a lose-lose situation, isn’t it? Some will think I’m showing off whereas others will think I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. Personally, I’m sort of disappointed with my own stats but I’m trying to be realistic and not so hard on myself.

Anyways, here’s the actual stuff I wanted to talk about.

Regular Scheduling Resumes (?)

Soooo I slipped this extended weekend (Monday was Labor Day for those who are lucky enough to not live in the US) and ended up not finishing what I wanted to complete. Basically, I broke the little tempo I had going for the past few weeks by not playing through a yuri visual novel in order to have a new review up on Monday.

Then again, I had flubbed earlier last week by not posting anything on Wednesday… I know I sound like a broken record but I’ll try better moving forward.

I just need to stop getting distracted and focus! Hopefully I can continue posting at least three times a week.

More Visual Novel Reviews

I’m continuing to focus on visual novels even though they’re not quite as popular as anime content. Someone has to review yuri visual novels!

I do want to bring in a bit of anime content, however. There are a few Top Five lists I have in mind, but I haven’t earnestly tried putting a pen to my thoughts yet.

Fall 2018 Anime Content

The new anime season is around the corner which means I’ll be hitting the preview chart later this month. Stay tuned.

Personal Pet Projects

Hmmm I want to try my hand at a few things this month / this year.

I really don’t want to be too specific since I know I have a habit of running my mouth before proceeding to disappoint others. So for now I’ll keep this under wraps until I’m confident in the quality of aforementioned content (if that ever happens).

Thank you for reading (and sorry that I’m a bit behind on responding to comments right now). I’ll fix that today.

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