Watching Anime Bingo

I must be getting old if I actually thought this was a good idea. I mean, only old people like bingo, right?

Or maybe my tastes are getting more distinguished. It’s much more likely that I just wanted to go with some low-effort content, however. Sorry, I’ve been in a terrible headspace recently and that’s really affected my productivity…

At any rate, I came up with the idea yesterday at work (but I bet others already beat me to the punch. I’m too afraid to even look up “anime bingo” after what happened with Anime Tinder).

Shown below are some of the things that come to my mind whenever I imagine someone is watching anime. Personally speaking, I’ve done a lot of the mentioned activities in this Watching Anime Bingo! What about you?

anime bingo.png

Thank you for playing.

17 thoughts on “Watching Anime Bingo

    1. That was fun to think about. There are only four things on the card I’ve never done, but they’re spaced out widely enough that I only have three actual bingos: row 4, row 5, and column 3.

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    1. So I used a website to generate a 5×5 table since I wasn’t thinking properly at 3 in the morning. I imagine you can make a similar table via google docs or Word or something.

      I provided 25 terms or phrases in the textbox “List of Words” and then clicked generate. This method was nice since it randomly assigns boxes for the phrases, but I still had to move some around.

      Since I don’t know really know how to use widgets and such on WordPress, I just took a pic of the bingo table/card using window key+shift+s, pasted it into MS Paint, then uploaded the file.

      That’s about it, I guess!

      Haha, good to hear!

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      1. Clearly I’m living under a rock… After reading other people’s comments I understood the concept of the game LOLOL well, I also never played bingo so there’s that xD

        After further inspection I actually noticed that I have done everything that is in the list… So… Did I win?🤔😂


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