Actually, Really, Truly

No, I’m actually not transitioning
even though I know I’m inadequate.
I curse my deep voice every day.
Growing your hair out is against the rules
when you were born as a male,
but that’s written nowhere
aside from on their faces.

No, I’m really not gay
because I challenge your outdated ideas of gender.
There’s truly nothing wrong with androgyny
but maybe there’s something wrong with me
since I’m so unlike those anime studs
with their long flowing locks.

10 thoughts on “Actually, Really, Truly

  1. “Flowing out of the frame
    May not be appreciated
    But at time goes
    And tastes develop
    It’ll (you’ll) be the most
    Prized of all”


  2. hey this is probably really generic but don’t let the haters get you down!!! you should feel free to express yourself however you want, even if it doesn’t “fit” what other people think!! you’ve got lots of people cheering you on, and I hope that things clear up!! I used to present a bit more androgynous myself and, though i’m sure the situations are a bit different, know the feeling of people judging, but you’ve got just as many people who will hype you up for being who you are! ❤

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  3. Don’t just be who you are. Be the very best version of you. Keep ratcheting that version number higher with whatever improvements you decide are both good and possible. And only YOU know who that person is.

    I remember young people saying things like this 50 years ago.

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  4. That was a really powerful poem. I can’t really say a lot without knowing more about your situation, but if things are a struggle right now I really do sympathise. Just remember that if you never need a vent this blog is a great place to be doing it, we’ll be listening.

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