(18+ Yuri Eroge) “Bloom” Steam Store Page is Now Up!

I actually spent a few minutes waiting for Razz to tweet about this when I first spotted the Steam announcement of the Steam Store Page being up, but then I figured Razz wouldn’t be too upset if I helped promote this upcoming visual novel…

I haven’t done many of these sort of promotions before (maybe two tops? OG-Man from Yuri Nation does these sort of things more frequently than I for sure), but I’ll give you The Five Ws at least!


Razz is an indie game dev and artist who currently makes visual novels! I’ve reviewed a few of Razz’s visual novels (Wolf Tails and Love Ribbon) and they’re great! I still need to get around to replaying Starlight Vega so I can do it justice in a review, however…

Razz’s Twitter

Razz’s Steam Developer Account Page


Bloom is an upcoming yuri visual novel revolving around two women. After a hot and heavy fling, the romantic Lily is convinced she’s landed a new girlfriend. However, Eve is more into casual encounters and scoffs at the very notion of “love.”

There’s a short sneak peek trailer on the Steam Store Page!

According to Razz, Bloom will be a mature story that’ll be “far more adult oriented” than Razz’s previous works. Fans of Razz’s visual novels will surely be excited to know how this “mismatched relationship” will be portrayed. I know I am given Razz’s track record!

There’ll be multiple endings and explicit uncensored yuri scenes as a result of new Valve policies! Wow!

As of earlier today, the Steam Store Page for Bloom is now up!

Razz’s Announcement

Steam Store Page for Bloom


To be determined! Add the game to your Steam wishlist or follow Razz’s Developer Account so you’ll know exactly when Bloom is released!


For now Bloom will (seemingly) be only available on Steam when it’s actually released.


If you know what’s good for you.

4 thoughts on “(18+ Yuri Eroge) “Bloom” Steam Store Page is Now Up!

  1. “Far more adult-oriented” well considering her previous works are already pretty adult (Love Ribbon and Wolf Tails), something tells me this might be Razz’s shameless guilty pleasure VN xD Looking forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair enough! Yeah, I was also a fan of Starlight Vega but I had played it before I started blogging. I’d have to play it through again to jog my memory and do it justice.

      It really does, haha.


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