The Most Beautiful Sounds in Anime

Beauty is subjective as hell. We all know that.

But that won’t stop me from creating a totally biased list of a few aesthetically pleasing sounds you might find in anime.

Ready to read and (dis)agree?

Full Synchro “Nee~”

Longtime readers who were following me back in 2016 might have already known this was going to show up.

When two or more girls perfectly chime out “Nee~” (ねえ) in harmony, I’m pretty sure the world stops to wonder and appreciate such condensed euphony. Or maybe that’s just me.

Angry Girl Noises

Yes, that is candy, Fuu. But please continue to stimulate me with your upset tone of voice.

This is definitely just me, but I think hearing an anime girl get angry and get loud is something to appreciate. As long as it’s over something comical, that is. If it’s over a serious matter that is meant to be taken seriously, then the resulting sound isn’t as pleasing to the ear.

The facade of gentleness or cuteness gets stripped away and we get to see the girl’s tempestuous temper come forth over something relatively minor — to me, it’s both funny and beautiful (your mileage may vary greatly, of course).

I may or may not have caught up on Release the Spyce this past weekend.


You know it in your heart to be true.

This was a filler post since I have a lot of other, more substantial posts to work on this week (plus I still need to play catch-up), but hopefully you enjoyed this one a little. Look forward to the upcoming stuff, maybe?

Thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Sounds in Anime

  1. Maybe I’m watching the wrong shows, but I can’t remember seeing too many “Nee~” scenes. My favorite one was pulled by Ayu and Nayuki (Yui Horie and Mariko Kouda) in Kanon, though. What are a few that you remember liking, out of curiosity?

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    1. That’s why they’re so beautiful: they’re so rare that we are blessed when it does occur.

      I think I was watching a relatively recent show that pulled this off, but I cant remember the exact series…

      I do recall that Nagi no Asakura had that with the younger girls!

      Also wow, a blog! Be prepared for Remy!


      1. Yeah, that’s why I was curious, since I’d be happy to see more of them.

        Ah, sorry to get your hopes up, but I’m not exactly launching a blog. I signed up for WP because I wrote a guest post for Derek on his blog earlier this month, but I don’t have any plans right now to go independent.


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