Top Five Yuri Moments from Winter 2018

2018 is nearly over, so I wanted to revisit 2018 by going over some of the bigger yuri moments from Winter 2018 (and Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 – those posts will come up during the following weeks, though) that I really liked!

(Shout-outs to Karandi for inspiring me with her top five lists in 2018. Do yourself a favour and just go to her top five tag and enjoy reading).

Before we start, I just want to emphasize that this is all just my personal opinion and that I never intended to slight you or your favourite shows or moments by omission. That sound fair? I hope it does.

Alright, here goes~

A Quiet Morning Between Teacher and Student – Slow Start episode 7

First up is the controversial relationship between Eiko and Enami. The younger girl was always a bit intrigued with her teacher, but her fascination turned into an outright crush after she spent the night at Enami’s place. The fact that Enami moves in and takes in Eiko’s scent right after Eiko voices anxiety about not having showered before class doesn’t help (or does help, if you do ship this student with this teacher).

Finger-Lickin’ Festival – Slow Start episode 11

Honestly, I think I could probably list 5 moments from Slow Start and be done with this list, but I’m going to limit myself to two scenes from the aforementioned series in order to promote diversity.

But, c’mon, a girl feeds an older woman ice cream? And then the girl wipes off leftover ice cream from the woman’s face with her finger? And then the woman licks the girl’s finger? This is prime yuri material right here.

“I Wuv You Bunches” – Pop Team Epic episode 1

Alright, this is for a gag so the legitimacy is going to be called into question, but it doesn’t change the fact Pipimi outright tells Popuko that she loves her.

Look, I’m trying my best to keep this from just being a list of moments from Slow Start, okay?!

“She Was Like the Clouds” – Sora yori mo Tooi Basho episode 9

I talk more at length about this over here. But basically, the whole relationship between Gin and Takako is very likely gay. This ranks lower on the list since this is more akin to guesswork and people who aren’t yuri shippers will contest this line of reasoning.

And We Meet Again – Yuru Camp episode 12

To me, the way the two girls coincidentally run into each other at the end of the series could lead to a romantic development. At this point, the cold and aloof Rin has really warmed up to Nadeshiko and the two girls will be alone and able to enjoy each other’s company (which is quite a bit different compared to how the two were back when they met in episode 1 since they were both strangers at the time).

I must admit, this one is a bit of a stretch and people who don’t ship yuri will probably flame me! I won’t apologize, though.

Honorable Mentions

  • Hazuki (as a super gay person in general, but mostly towards Shizuka) from Märchen Mädchen.
  • Every tense moment in citrus.
  • Several moments between Ikuno and Ichigo from Darling in the FranXX (the saucy stuff will be mentioned in the Top Five Yuri Moments in Spring 2018 list, don’t worry).
  • The tongue-on-neck moment between Zero Two and Ichigo from Darling in the FranXX.

12 thoughts on “Top Five Yuri Moments from Winter 2018

  1. Thanks for the shout out for my top 5 lists.
    I really enjoyed this list though I didn’t end up watching any of these anime. Looking forward to seeing your list with Ichigo and Ikuno because they had some great moments (given I didn’t much like Darling in the Franxx, there were some great individual character moments and those two had some good ones).

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  2. Yuru Camp‘s ending was very much a warm one, and I think you might be interested to know that there will be a continuation in the future. Whether or not romance happens to the extent you might hope for is unknown, but what is known is that any second season will be very enjoyable to watch.


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