Akanesasu Shoujo – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre(s): Drama, Action, Sci-fi

Aired: Oct 2018 – Dec 2018

Also known as: The Girl in Twilight; あかねさす少女

Summary: The Crystal Radio Club, an interest group in a small countryside town, gets involved with a spiritual ritual for fun. However, it turns out the ritual is actually real, which then leads to the girls’ lives changing dramatically for good.

Review: You ever play Persona? The characters always seems to be in denial in regards to their true natures, but once they accept that they’re actually more pathetic or less noble than they would like to be they essentially get access to super powers.

This is a horrible simplification for a beloved franchise, sorry. But it sort of fits the bill when it comes to describing Akanesasu Shoujo. Throw in parallel worlds, vintage audio (due to an alarming abundance of cassette players, crystal radios, and such), and a somewhat ambiguous yet mostly satisfying ending and you’ve basically nailed the show.

It’s retro!

For me, the biggest obstacle preventing me from enjoying the series was the ditzy main character Asuka. Near the end her childish mindset sort of grated on me and I was rather close to dropping the series. Amazingly, the series managed to redeem Asuka while hitting most of the checkboxes for a solid closing episode. Whether or not you want to invest in a series that thoroughly tests the viewers like that is for you to decide.

In retrospect, it’s clear to see that Akanesasu Shoujo is yet another of those action series involving schoolgirls. School Girl Strikers and Battle Girl High School would be its modern contemporaries. And just like these two series, Akanesasu Shoujo doesn’t quite break away from being generic. And all three series sort of involve time paradoxes or parallel worlds. I guess time-spatial hijinks are a must for this particular genre, huh?

But I would also say all three series still end up being entertaining in the end. No need to reinvent the wheel if you’re doing a barely adequate enough job to entertain, I suppose.

I’m actually a big fan of the music. The OP and the ED are both bangers in their own right (but I’m more of a fan of the ED).

She’s cuter when she’s quiet.

As for the yuri, there’s some girl on girl material, but the juiciest bits come towards the end of the series (watch out for that confession, yo!). Overall, though, it’s a relatively minute amount of yuri, alas.


Another action series involving school girls and time/space stuff. Generic and slightly gay, Akanesasu Shoujo isn’t a bad watch yet I also find it hard to recommend to others.

Hm. Asuka is in every single picture in this review. Maybe I’m actually a tsundere… Tsunderemy?

6 thoughts on “Akanesasu Shoujo – Anime Series Review

  1. a step time since I finish and after seeing the end and the message that was putting under our noses I must say that this was a series above the average and if almost the entire series seemed like a Sentai but at the end its last 4 episodes they put something together at the end of the Neon Genesis evangelion


    1. had some of the best finals of that season, evangelion level; if it is true that it is Sentai series but in the final climax instead of following the stereotype of a great fight by imposing force as the solution, an argument and a great twist in the plot were put together to give us one of the most read endings without violence where nobody is right and not all are magically saved.

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