Monthly Update #26 | December 2018 – Fall 2018 Series Reviews, Visual Novels

This is probably the latest I’ve published a monthly update, I think.

Not much to say about why, I guess. This month has been a rough one. I’m constantly sad. The ones I care about are also sad. I get distracted and lose the motivation to watch anime, play visual novels, or write. Maybe I’m burnt out. I still don’t feel like I deserve to say anything when I’m not able to read what other people are saying. I find myself really irritated by how some people are saying things.

None of that is really important, though. Abridged version for the time-constrained: I’m a fuck-up, folks.

Overtime is mandatory until the end of the year, too, so I’m just going to be more and more busy. For now, though, I’m going to try to whip out series reviews since that seems to be what the people want.

If I have time, I’ll play visual novels. I’ll try my best to make time.

At this rate, I think I’m mostly going to just keep up with other people’s blog posts starting from 2019. I’m just too far behind at this point. Wow, I’m having flashbacks to my years at uni…

That’s all.

Thank you for reading.

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